When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 on November 22, 2005; it quickly became one of the most popular video game consoles in history. Despite some teething problems related to its hardware (Red Ring of Death, I’m looking at you), it still became the 9th highest-selling console in all of history. By the time Microsoft discontinued this console on April 20, 2016; they sold over 84 million units of these things. In fact, it’s so popular that despite being over 7 years out of production, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace are still up and running. You can in fact go to those online stores and purchase games as of this writing. Alas though, as you can see by the title of this article, that will not be the case for much longer.

Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace Shutdown: Details

Xbox 360 250 GB black.
It seems as though we will witness the end of an era.

Microsoft has just announced that they will finally cease all support for the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace. When July 29, 2024 comes around, players will be unable to purchase anything from the Store or Marketplace. Until that time, you can continue buying games from there.

There is some good news here though. Microsoft clarifies that this shutdown will not affect Xbox 360 games you currently own on the console or on newer Xboxes like the Xbox Series S/X, nor will it affect Xbox 360 multiplayer and online services. Not only that, but Microsoft assures us that even after the shutdown date, we will still be able to download previously purchased games. Those games will even still get updates if you haven’t downloaded them yet. And apparently, we’ll still be able to get tech support for the console despite how old it is.

However, if you have any codes for the Xbox 350 Store and Marketplace, you might want to use them up. Microsoft states that all codes will no longer be redeemable when the Store and Marketplace shuts down. You can still use gift cards and subscriptions, but not codes. That’s all for now, folks. Time for us to say goodbye to the Xbox 360 now. Tune back in to THS for more video game news when we get it.

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