According to this article over at, we have a better idea of what the rest of the 2019 schedule will look like for All Elite Wrestling:

  • May 25Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas
  • June – Unspecified Show (believed to be in USA)
  • July – Unnamed show in Jacksonville, Florida
  • August – Royal Albert Hall, London, England
  • September – ALL OUT – the official sequel to All In and the full launch of the brand prior to TV tapings beginning. Rumored to be in Chicago, much like ALL IN.
  • October – Weekly television starts

The article goes on to say that New Japan Pro Wrestling is also running a show in England in the month of August. Which is very exciting that they are considering running a show overseas so early in their conception. Could NJPW be the first company to see direct competition with AEW?

All Elite Wrestling on TNT?

All Elite Wrestling Weekly TV

The most interesting part of the 2019 schedule is that October is pinpointed as the month weekly television will start. The article mentions that there are two major television stations interested in carrying AEW. It’s been heavily rumored that AEW will give TNT it’s first wrestling programming since WCW Monday Night Nitro ended in 2001. The month of October is usually when Monday Night RAW has their “season premiere”. It also happens to be the month that Smackdown Live will move from Tuesdays on USA to Fridays on Fox. While October might feel far away, this seems to be a strategic move by this new company.

Double Or Nothing pre-sale tickets went on sale this morning. They sold out in under thirty minutes. Would it benefit them to build the hype around a television deal sooner than later? Possibly. We do live in an era where everything is on demand, and we want things as soon as possible. Every move AEW has made so far seems to be working for them, so maybe we should have a little faith that they will deliver once again.