AJ Styles and Seth Rollins had a phenomenal [pun intended] match on Sunday at Money in the Bank.  However, everyone is wondering what Styles said to Rollins once the match was over.

Sunday was the first time the pair has met in the WWE ring.  Wrestling fans were excited to see the two square off and we were not disappointed.  However, after Rollins came out the victor Styles makes his way back to Rollins to share a moment in the ring before they shook hands.  Styles told Newsweek what he said to Rollins.

“I told Seth I was right when I said 13 years ago that he would be something special in this business,” Styles said.

Newsweek Interview

Styles and Rollins: Past Foes Reunite

What Styles is referring to is when the pair wrestled 13 years ago in a high school gym.  This is an incredible journey to think about. Two of the best wrestlers in the world wrestling in a high school gym just 13 years ago.  However, now both wrestlers have held multiple titles in the best wrestling promotion in the world. The handshake was a passing of the torch to Rollins.

In the lead up to the match it was impossible not to see the respect they have for each other.  In promos going into feuds words can get nasty, but this feud was built on respect. The pair showed respected, but they both claimed they were simply the better wrestler.

“We both respected each other that was never in question,” Styles said. “It was two guys, two egos and a lot of testosterone that you’re going to get a fight when two big dogs get next to each other. Tempers go awry and next thing you know we’re fighting and it is what it is, but when it’s over and someone comes out the better man you shake hands.”

Newsweek Interview
AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins WWE
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AJ Styles Isn’t Done Yet

Styles may have lost on Sunday, but he is far from being done looking for championships.  Prior to details of what would become the 24/7 Championship Styles had voiced interest in the new title.  However, since we now know the details of the title and how it is being marketed I think the big gold record belt is beneath Styles.  I loved the 24/7 rule on the old Hardcore Championship as much as the next guy, but it was for comedy segments. As much as I would love to see Drake Maverick pin a sleeping Lars Sullivan it is beneath high level serious performers like Styles.

“Just because you lose doesn’t mean it’s over,” Styles said. “I’ve lost before. I’ve lost the WWE Championship before. You find your way back into the hunt. You may get derailed by going to the back of the line but you want what you want. And I want to be Universal Champion before my career is over.”

Newsweek Interview

What The Future May Hold For AJ Styles

I look forward to seeing Styles go against more RAW wrestlers.  It doesn’t matter if it is for the Universal Championship or not.  Styles is in my opinion the best wrestler in the world and I want to see him go against anyone and everyone.  He excels at making people look amazing and could use his remaining years as Chris Jericho did and put people over.  



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