Rusev and Lana have voiced their disappointment and the feeling of Rusev and many other WWE Superstars feel overlooked by higher ups.

One of WWE’s premier power couples have voiced their thoughts on how WWE views them in an Express interview.

The pair have always been very popular with WWE fans.  However, Rusev’s popularity skyrocketed in late 2017 when it was announced everyday was Rusev Day.  Aiden English who was acting as Rusev’s manager and occasional tag partner would sing “It’s Rusev Day.”  The crowd would go nuts and Rusev was gaining a lot of traction.

Rusev: Title Shot

Rusev’s climb in popularity led him to a title match with the WWE Champion at the time, AJ Styles.  However, the Bulgarian Brute was always on the outskirts of the WWE Championship, but was only given one title shot.

“I mean, Rusev should get more title opportunities.  He should be champion, that’s just the bottom line. He’s been there six years and he’s had one title opportunity, I had three,” Lana said.

Express Interview
WWE Rusev and Lana
Courtesy of WWE

United States Title Reign

However, Rusev is not without title reigns.  He has won the United States Championship three times.  Typically the mid-card titles (US and Intercontinental) are stepping stones and tests for the WWE and Universal titles.  If the wrestler gets a lot of fans getting behind them or a lot of negative buzz from fans they can carry that into winning the top title.  However, Rusev lost this momentum and was shifted further and further done the match card. It was not clear why his push was cancelled, but he sometimes voices criticisms of the company hence this article.

Rusev has voiced he is not the only one to feel he deserves more from the WWE.

“It’s not just us, 99.9 percent of the roster feels overlooked because we’re all so good and we’re all so passionate.  Everybody wants to be a champion and everybody can be a champion because we’re that good,” Rusev said.

Express Interview

Rusev Keeps His Chin Up

However, Rusev has a positive outlook on his situation.  He can see there are a lot of talented male wrestlers. The WWE is the premier wrestling company in the world and everyone wants to be the top guy.  If you don’t want to be number one then what are you doing with your wrestling life. Who gets what title is not only based on merit and the WWE has a whole staff to decide that, but it all ends with Vince and what he says.

“It doesn’t matter if [we hear]Rusev Day or Lana Day chants or whatever it is, the most hyped thing doesn’t make you a champion. There’s so many moving parts to become a champion, it’s beyond my head. Only Vince McMahon knows these things,” Rusev said.

Express Interview

It’s Not The Over Because They Slide Down The Roster

It is not the end and it is very common for talented wrestlers to fall down the rankings only to raise back up.  Kevin Owens was doing nothing for a long time, but now he will wrestle Kofi for the WWE Championship on Sunday. People are moved around the roster to see who can be the next star.  However, the key is to be a consistent high level performer and he/she will get their titles.

He is very talented and is a believable champion.  His day will come and I know he will win the top titles.  However, Lana and Rusev just have to remember today, tomorrow and everyday is Rusev Day.

What are your thoughts on him and his opinion on 99.9 percent of the roster feeling overlooked?  Do you think he will win the top titles?


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