We’ve all been speculating about Episode IX’s title since production began last year. Following a disappointing Super Bowl, in this case due to the lack of a Star Wars trailer, folks are desperate for any kind of information about the film. Well, hold on to your hats, Star Wars fans. The winds of rumor just picked up significantly thanks to one Reddit user who claims to have discovered the Star Wars: Episode IX title.

[OBVIOUS WARNING: Reading further may spoil the Episode IX title.]

Utilizing his (or her?) coding skills, Reddit user daviebaby8666 poked around the JavaScript on the StarWars.com website looking for clues. That effort led to the Reddit user allegedly discovering the official Episode IX title. Are you ready? According to daviebaby8666, Episode IX will be called… (Drum roll please…)

 Star Wars: Balance of the Force

Episode IX Title
Image: daviebaby8666 (Reddit)

Did StarWars.com Accidentally Reveal the Episode IX Title?

Whether or not the site’s JavaScript reveals the true Episode IX title remains to be seen. Like CBR says: take this, like any unconfirmed rumor, with a grain of salt.  For our purposes let’s assume this to be true. If Star Wars: Balance of the Force really is the title, what does it mean?

Episode IX Title

For one thing, this rumored Episode IX title represents a significant departure from the precedent set in the prior two trilogies. The subtitle for the third installment of each prior trilogy indicated action. We had Jedi returning to the galaxy, and the Sith exacting revenge upon it. “Balance of the Force” certainly doesn’t fit that pattern. Likewise, if the Jedi are all but gone, who remains to assure that balance?

We learned from The Clone Wars Mortis story arc that the Force is only in balance when there is both light and dark. Does this proposed title imply that the First Order will continue? Or will there be another threat to the galaxy? Of course this alleged Episode IX title also implies that the Light will necessarily have to rise again to meet whatever threat that might be.

I don’t know. If I was a betting man I’d say that I don’t think “Balance of the Force” will be the title. I’m sticking with my theory that J.J. Abrams brings this full circle. Thus, I’m still going with Star Wars: A New Order as the Episode IX title.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: CBR; Reddit