Darkseid usurps the throne of Apokolips with Granny Goodness delivering the kill on the queen in Female Furies #1.

Granny Goodness wasn’t always a Granny.  When she helped Darkseid take the throne she was a silver haired beauty and Darkseid’s right-hand woman.  However, because she is a woman she doesn’t get the credit for the kill as a man threw her the poison which actually killed the queen.

Once Darkseid takes the throne he pays Goodness a visit in her private quarters.  Darkseid gives her an ultimatum. She can give her body to Darkseid and rise up the ranks or refuse and “be with the lowest of the low.”  Goodness accepts and spends the night with Darkseid.

However, in a shock to no one Darkseid backs out of the deal and gives her the worst job.  He puts her in charge of the orphanage. Goodness takes in the orphan girls and trains them to be her Furies.  They will be the fiercest warriors in all of Apokolips. However, they will face discrimination because they are women so they have to be better than the men.  As the Furies get stronger Goodness gets closer to her revenge on Darkseid.

This issue has a lot of political overtones throughout, but it was never distracting or felt shoehorned in.  A lot of stories with similar overtones can get painfully obvious what they are trying to do. However, the politics in this felt very organic and natural to the story.

I would have liked to see a bit more about the Furies and who they are, but I feel like if I was more of a fan I would know exactly who they are.  However, I think a little bit of background information would have helped a lot.

This issue seems like it is all just set-up to the story in the following issues.  I like where this story may go, but I just wanted a bit more action in this issue.

The issue is pretty serious for the most part, but has a pretty funny sequence in the middle of the issue.  Darkseid wants to evaluate the Furies to see if they are worthy of having equal standing in Apokolips. The Furies compete in a bake-off, evening gowns and a smile contest.  It was pretty funny having to see these warrior women having to do these events to appease Darkseid.

I really liked this issue and it was interesting to see a young Granny Goodness and Darkseid.  Who would have thought Goodness was such an attractive young woman at one point.

This is definitely worth a read, but I would wait for the next few issue to be released before buying.  It is too early to see if this comic goes in the right direction with a story with a lot of potential.


Written by: Cecil Castellucci

Art by: Adriana Melo and Hi-Fi

Cover by: Mitch Gerads

Release: 2/6/19

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics