Have you ever seen that meme of Michael Jackson eating popcorn with the caption” “I’m just here to eat popcorn and read the comments”? Well, if you’re just here to eat popcorn and read the Star Wars rumors, I’d suggest skipping the butter. If you don’t, you’re going to be on a one way ticket to Weight Watchers. There are still 488 days left until the last episodic Star Wars film hits theaters, and new rumors seem to surface daily. The latest rumor making fans flutter? A possible Episode IX title.

As we know, JJ Abrams already dipped deep into the well of Star Wars nostalgia with The Force Awakens. Back in October of last year Movieweb even reported that Abrams, speaking to a Reddit user, indicated that Star Wars Episode IX is the film that “unites all three trilogies and brings everything together.” Hence, the latest rumored title makes a lot of sense and serves the director’s intent.

A Possible Episode IX Title?

If the speculation is correct, and one of the writers at Cnet gets her way, Star Wars: A New Order will be the Episode IX title. Assuming there is any credence to Abrams’s reported desire for the film’s theme, then the title consequently works perfectly within that framework and harkens to all three trilogy eras.

Even though 20th Century Fox didn’t release the original Star Wars with an episodic title, it later became known as A New Hope. Therefore, the similarity between the rumored Episode IX title and that of Episode IV is obvious.

Linking both the prequel and sequel trilogies to the original is the reference to “Order”. Those trilogies obviously focus on one Order or the other. Be it the Jedi Order, or the evil phoenix to rise from the Empire’s ashes, the First Order, the central theme is certainly present.

If I could preemptively collect a dime for every rumor to be reported between now and December 20, 2019, I would be well on my way to Tahiti by now. Nonetheless, Star Wars: A New Order would make a fine Episode IX title. JJ Abrams is usually cognizant of fan desires; perhaps he might just consider this one.

*grabs popcorn*


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