Things in life tend to repeat themselves.  Things in Star Wars often repeat themselves.  We may be looking for a repeat with the advertising scheme for Episode IX, copying that of The Force Awakens. Our first footage and title could be right around the corner.

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With the more recent advertising campaigns we often haven’t received anything til roughly the 6 month mark.  Anything before that was sparse in the least.  When TFA began, they started the campaign a full year out and did one hell of a run up.  Being the first film in ten years, raising a product all thought was dead, they made quite the ordeal out of the run up to Ep VII.

With each subsequent movie they waited until everything was 100% wrapped with the previous film before even leaking so much as a title.  This often led to a 6 month, weak in some cases, campaign.  In the case of Solo it was only a couple months.

Steve “Frosty” Weintraub from Collider recently tweeted the following:

“to those wondering, December is ALWAYS a huge month for new trailers. If you’re a Disney fan, you can look forward to the first footage from and @starwars episode 9 this month. Would be shocked if both aren’t revealed by December 25th.”

Jordan Maison from Cinelinx had this to say:

“Guess I’ll elaborate. Again, I’d only heard from one source (so never ran with it). I’d heard a while back to expect a IX title before year’s end. Another source said (ONE) potentially a quick teaser was in the works. That’s pretty much all I have.”

Frosty is a pretty solid source when he speaks on matter, but all we really have are two people who have heard grumblings of something that may happen soon.  It would seem to fit though.

Early Is Good

Disney has said this is to be the end of the Skywalkers and the Saga movies.  With the PR issues they have been having since The Last Jedi and the Solo marketing missteps, Disney needs to build up Episode IX.  Every other film has had a small window to work with.  Solo is wrapped up completely, leaving a roughly 18 month window with nothing coming out.  An early start to the advertising campaign could reinvigorate the franchise and get some real hype behind this final Saga movie.

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Here is something else to think over.  Unlike all the other movies, When we reach the last few months before Episode IX the Disney/Star Wars marketing campaign will be in full blitz mode, but not for Episode IX!  Disney+ will be debuting next fall and we will have the launch of not only the final Clone Wars season, but The Mandalorian as well.  Of course they will make plenty of time and space for Ep IX.  It just won’t be quite as easy as past years.  A longer, more drawn out campaign would be beneficial for this final film.

I wrote another article a short while ago HERE, talking about some of the rumors for this final trailer.  The source in that article had this to say: “the overall theme of their marketing will be focused on the legacy characters”.  I would not be surprised if this first trailer, while giving us the title, is mostly old images from all of the previous movies leading up to 15-20 seconds of new footage.  Look for it to be cool, but not too revealing this early.