Power Rangers

My last article was a list of Rangers that should be added to the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars game. The android-iOS mobile game is constantly growing after almost 2 years since its release. Here is a lists of villains ranging from leaders to generals who should be added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#26 Master Vile

  • Known as Rita Repulsa and Rita Revolto’s father, Master Vile was a formidable foe for the Rangers. His plot almost worked, but failed thanks with the help from the Alien Rangers of Aquitar.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#25 Prince Gasket

  • As first son of King Mondo & Queen Machina, Prince Gasket came back home to take care of his mother in light of his father’s destruction by the Rangers. Consequently, he also wanted to dethrone Louie Kaboom and claim his rightful place as King of the Machine Empire.
Power Rangers LEgacy Wars

#24 Archerina

  • She is the wife of Prince Gasket and the daughter of Lord Aradon. Archerina had a strong grudge and rivalry against Catherine, Zeo Ranger I Pink.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#23 Ecliptor

  • This evil being is one of the strongest warriors in all the Universe and is 2nd in command of Astronema’s forces. His fighting spirit lead him to be one of Red Ranger’s fierce rivals.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#22 Darkonda

  • A nine lived space alien & bounty hunter who serves under Dark Specter. He has a rivalry with both Ecliptor and Andros. He is the bounty hunter that captured Karone, Andros’s sister, for Dark Specter.