If by now you haven’t read Mighty Morphin’ 1 & 2 and Power Rangers #1 SPOILERS AHEAD!

The End before the Beginning

In an interesting change of storytelling, we get to see the end of the story at the beginning of the comic! Obviously, we have no clue about what is happening on the ship. so we thumb through the first few panels and come to…

Six Hours Earlier

Xi always being the pragmatist flatly tells Jason that yes he understands why they broke out Drakkon. But is not happy with the double-edged sword they are trying to balance on. On one side Zordon has basically called out the Omegas as criminals and on the other, they are being led into got knows where by a sociopath in their brig! Drakkon isn’t helping the situation because he’s trying to play mind games with Trini. Trust me it doesn’t work!

So What Happens Next?

As always I won’t ruin the fun! You have to read it for yourself. but just like their counterparts back on Earth. The Omega Rangers are in for one heck of an ordeal.

Oh, The Covers!

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