• The Troobian Empire is led by Emperor Grumm. His forces destroyed Doggy Kruger’s home world. As a result of this battle, Doggy Kruger is the last of his kind.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#10 A-Squad Red S.P.D. Ranger

  • Charlie, the Red A-Squad Ranger, played a major role in the finale of Power Rangers S.P.D. She was also the first female red ranger to lead a team in the series.
Power Rangers LEgacy Wars

#9 Psycho Ranger Pink

  • Acquiring help from the Savage Sword, Psycho Pink almost destroyed 2 teams of Power Rangers on her own. As a result of this battle, Kendrix sacrificed her life to save Cassie and the other Rangers.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

# 8 Imperious

  • Long ago, this “mummy looking” wizard was once Calindor, a friend to Udonna, Leanbow, and Daggeron. In contrast, he turned against them after becoming corrupted by dark magic.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#7 The FearCats

  • Mig & Benglo searched for the Corona Aurora but were destroyed in the search. They were then revived by Flurious and made into cyborgs. The 2 of them would make for an awesome duo.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars