Power Rangers,Legacy Wars

#21 Darkcliptor

  • Ecliptor & Darkonda can be force fused into Darkcliptor. Wielding two swords, Darkcliptor’s strength and power doubles making him a very difficult opponent to beat.
Power Rangers; LEgacy Wars

#20 Deviot

  • Scorpius’s last appointed general would be a treacherous deceitful alien named Deviot. He was the one who schemed to destroy Scorpius. His traitorous and deceptive ways lead the Rangers into the Lost Galaxy.
Power Rangers, Legacy Wars

#19 Prince Olympius

  • After Diabolico was the 2nd strongest villain that the Lightspeed Rescue team has ever faced. After being destroyed by the Lightspeed Rangers, Prince Olympius gained control of the Star Power.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#18 Diabolico

  • This powerful demon was the first major villain for the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team. He was granted the Star Power first by Queen Bansheera.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#17 Vypra

  • As a demonic magic user, Vypra served to revive Queen Bansheera. She led attacks against the Rangers while in her demon “dune buggy” vehicle.