I almost feel bad for actors who have appeared in Star Wars. No matter what else they do, or what other projects they have, questions inevitably return to Star Wars. Case in point: Samuel L. Jackson was traveling recently to promote his latest film, M. Night Shaymalan’s Glass. So of course someone asked him about returning to the galaxy far, far away instead.

Samuel L. Jackson
Why are you asking me about Mace Windu when I’m trying to promote Glass?
(Image: Lucasfilm)

Samuel L. Jackson , as we all know, portrayed Jedi Master Mace Windu through all three of the Star Wars prequels. Introduced in The Phantom Menace, the brooding Jedi Council member is best known for two, particular acts. First, he decapitated bounty hunter Jango Fett during the Battle of Geonosis. Later, he nearly, single-handedly apprehended the Emperor in Revenge of the Sith. And let’s not forget his amethyst-colored lightsaber. Certainly Mace Windu was an iconic character. But do we want him to return, really?

Do We Really Want Samuel L. Jackson to Return as Mace Windu?

In speaking with joe.ie, Jackson responded eagerly when asked if he’d like to reprise his Mace Windu role. “I’m that guy,” he said. “All they got to do is call.” We’ll see more of Mace Windu in the Age of Republic comic books, but do we need to see him return to the big screen?

Samuel L. Jackson
Image: Lucasfilm

Look, I like the bad motherf*cker that is Samuel L. Jackson as much as the next guy. But was Mace Windu really the character we though he was, in hindsight? I’m not so certain. He was brooding, skeptical, and often times downright hypocritical. He’d criticize the Sith for dealing in absolutes, and then deal in absolutes himself. Additionally, he had the chance to destroy the Sith, likely once and for all. Instead, he yammered on in true, stereotypically cinematic fashion. That gave the Emperor and a misguided Anakin all the time they needed to lop of his hands, zap him with Force lightning, and send him flying through a window.

Mace Windu fights beside Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Clone Wars. (Image: Disney)

So, besides Samuel L. Jackson, what was so great about Mace Windu, exactly? Beyond the two instances noted above, Windu accomplished very little, at least in the feature films. He saw more action in The Clone Wars animated series, granted. But I don’t think that’s enough to warrant his return. Lucasfilm couldn’t even make a Han Solo movie work. A Mace Windu film? Not likely.

What say you, Star Wars fans? Would you want to see Samuel L. Jackson return as Mace Windu?   

Source: joe.ie