Turn on the television.  Pick up a magazine, or flip open your social media apps.  At the tops of every one off these beyond the latest twitter feuds are headlines about the latest power couples.  Brangelina  are up to this.  Jay Z and Beyonce are doing this.  Prince William and Princess Catherine are shown running around England.  Power couples are everywhere.  Why?  Because people everywhere gobble it up.

The couples being followed often show what it is we are interested in.  Some are hot and steamy.  Others are inspiring us through their actions.  There can be lots of reasons we as a people follow them, but who said all the greatest couples are real?  All across Geekdom there are tons of couples that people fall in love with, or follow to hate.  Some can inspire us to want more in our relationships.  Some should flat out be avoided.  Our team from Quest For Player 2 on our YouTube channel picked the 19 power couples, in no particular order, from across all of Geekdom.

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1 – Reed Richards and Sue Storm

Property: Fantastic Four Comics

First Meeting: Empire University

Relationship length:  Very Long Time!

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: In honor of Stan Lee, Reed and Sue have to be first.  They are often known as the first couple of comics, both from timing and stature.  Reed met Sue back when he was in college  Reed fell in love immediately, but the courting would take some time.  Reed and Sue both had to look past work to find each other, and when you are one of the brightest minds in the country that can be difficult.  Eventually they married and led the little family known as the Fantastic Four.  It was a fight to balance work, home, superhero-ing.  They didn’t always do things right, but what is most inspiring about this couple is the length of their relationship.  Comics are hard to gauge as they pass through decades without aging.  Sidekicks come and go and yet no one ages.  But this above all else is true – 1961 and still going.

Still Going?: Yup!!

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2 – Wesley and Buttercup

Property: Princess Bride (movie)

First Meeting: Home Farm

Relationship Length: 5+ Years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: Wesley fell in love with Buttercup, but said nothing.  He simply went about his job, doing everything he could to make her happy behind three little words – As you wish.  One Day she realized she loved him back.  This is such a beautiful relationship.  How could true love not be?  Death intervenes several times, both real and imagined, throughout their relationship.  They were separated for five years, yet their love went on.  It also saved Wesley’s life before the dread pirate Roberts.  He said please….and the rest is pirating history.

Still Going?: Yup! Nothing can stop true love, only delay it for a little while.

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3 – Han Solo and Leia Organa Skywalker

Property: Star Wars movies

First Meeting: Deathstar detention hall

Relationship Length: 35 years (from a certain point of view)

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: You have hate.  You have anger.  You’re falling in love with her?!  Han’s opening line of “Wonderful girl.  Either I’m gonna kill her or I’m beginning to like her,” is the perfect description of this relationship.  They had so much pride and overconfidence in “their way” that the bickering never stopped even when they were trying to have a moment.  Until it was almost too late and one of them was facing death.  One of the greatest love lines in all of entertainment “I love you” followed by “I know”. They always snipped and shot sarcasm back and forth, but it could never hide how much they loved each other.

Still Going?: No.  According to legend they stayed together, but the new canon says they separated when their son became an issue.  The love remained and once they were forced to face each other instead of hiding in their careers, it was evident.  Sadly Han is now dead.

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4 – Wall-E and Eve

Property: Wall-E movie

First Meeting: Future Earth

Relationship Length: Few Months

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: Purity and innocence in its most simplistic form could not have been more beautiful.  A wistful little droid left behind to clean up Earth from devastation realizes he is not alone when Eve shows up.  Wall-E, who had dreamed of love from his videos, fell for Eeee-Va.  Through their journey and Wall-E’s blind following of Eve and support of her mission won her over in the end. Eve was not programmed to even know what love was until Wall-E demonstrated it for her.

Still Going?: Yup.

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