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14 – Joker and Harley Quinn

Property: Batman universe

First Meeting: Arkham  Asylum

Relationship Length: Unknown

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: This probably should not be on the list of top Geekdom couples except it is a very powerful couple that has had huge impacts on their world.  Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel was one of the Joker’s doctors in Arkham and for some strange reason she became infatuated with him.  She did everything for him.  Joker tortured her and gave her a psychosis which would transform her into Harley Quinn.  Harley loves her Mr J, her Puddin.  She moves Batman and sidekicks for him.  Joker has feelings somewhere for Harley, usually when she isn’t around.  When she is around he might try to kill her is all.  While not the healthiest of relationships in Geekdom, it is amongst the most well known and powerful couples on the dark side of things.

Still Going?: Pick a day.  Pick an answer. Good enough.

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15 – Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart

Property: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

First Meeting: Karate Tournament

Relationship Length: ~3 years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: High School relationships can be so sweet.  They are young and innocent.  It can be fun watching the two lovebirds tripping over themselves to make the other happy.  That is the case with Tommy and Kimmy.  They were so cute together, even when they were fighting Lord Zed and his minions.  Tommy and Kimberly not only made a good couple from high school, but they made a kick ass duo as Power Rangers.

Still Going?: No.  Kimberly would leave to pursue her gymnastics career.

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16 – Scott Summers and Jean Gray

Property: Marvel’s X-Men

First Meeting: X-Mansion

Relationship Length: Unknown

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: Yet ANOTHER Stan Lee couple makes the list.  Scott and Jean were one of the long term relationships that was enjoyable to follow in comics.  They met in the X-Mansion when Jean joined up with the X-Men.  They would fight along side each other and fall in love as time went along, sacrificing for each other over and over.  Then again one of them always seems to be dying so maybe that helps too.

Still Going?: No.  Currently Scott Summers is dead.

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17 – Admiral William Adama and Laura Roslin

Property: Battlestar Galactica

First Meeting: Colonial Fleet

Relationship Length: Few Years?

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: This is one of the unsung relationships in Geekdom on one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows ever.  When the Cylons destroyed the 12 colonies, the rag tag fleet ran for it’s life.  Adama was the head of the fleet and took control of that while Roslin, the Secretary of Education under the once government and 43rd in line for the Presidency, became emergency president of the Colonies.  Together they would guide the last of the colonies away from the Cylons towards the lost Colony – Earth.

Along the way they fought, argued, threatened and undercut the other to achieve the goals they believed were right for humanity.  In the end each would swallow their pride and make up with the other.  Laura was dying of cancer.  Adama stepped up and stood by her every step of the way.  Even at their most vicious, there was love and respect.

Still Going?: No. Laura died from cancer shortly after reaching Earth.  Adama built their cabin the way they dreamed anyway.

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18 – Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth

Property: Game of Thrones tv series

First Meeting: Stark War Camp

Relationship Length: still waiting to start the clock

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: How do you have a great relationship when it hasn’t even started yet?  When the couple is Jamie and Brienne.  While known as the ‘Kingslayer’ for killing the mad king, Jamie has a heart of honor that he has buried under the Kingslayer persona.  If everyone thinks him an evil ass he shall be an evil ass.  Brienne is so hell bent on proving herself and her honor she can’t see past proving herself.  When they first met Jamie was a Stark prisoner.  Brienne was to escort him back to the Lannisters and arrange an exchange.  Along the road, Jamie got his shot at fighting her.  Brienne did what almost no man in Westeros could do, she went toe-to-toe with him.  That won Jamie over.  What started out as enemies turned to respect, which turned into ‘yearning.’

The war intervened and separated them, but something started between them.  Jamie’s honor awoke and is now causing him problems back with his sister.  Brienne is with the Starks, but Jamie was the first man to show interest in her.  Any other show, they would be a power couple in the making, but in Westeros, they may never see each other again before they die.  Either that or they will have to kill each other.

Still Going? Still Waiting.

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19 – Rose Tyler and The Doctor

Property: Dr Who

First Meeting: clothing factory

Relationship Length: ~2+ years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis:: Rose was in the wrong place in the wrong time.  Naturally she found love.  After being attacked by a bunch of living mannequins, a man grabbed her hand and told her to run.  They never stopped.  Well, not for a couple years anyway.  The Doctor was known for his companions.  Traveling time gets lonely, and he adopts people for a time, but eventually they separate.  He adores his companions.  He misses them, but it wasn’t until Rose that the Doctor began to drop the barrier after over 900 years.  She helped quell the anger inside him and experience life again.  He showed her time and space that Rose didn’t even know existed.

Still Going?: Yes and no.  They were separated in different dimensions, but due to a breach Rose was able to return for a short time.  When she went back, she would not have her her Doctor.  She would have a clone from the original’s severed hand (long story), except he was human not time lord.  He would grow old with Rose and die together.