5 – Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Property: Spiderman comics

First Meeting: High School

Relationship Length: Unknown

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: Another Relationship provided by Stan Lee, this is amongst the most well known relationships in all of comics.  It is also one of the most volatile.  Peter Parker had several relationships before Mary Jane came along, but it was their story that readers would remember first and foremost.  This was a powerful love story, but it was also a story of suffering and sacrifice.  After the loss of Gwen Stacey,  Peter always tried to protect Mary Jane.  Mary Jane  came from an abusive father.  Peter and Mary Jane broke up constantly.  Time would pass, but they would always drift back together.  The love never stopped.  Life always had a way of forcing them apart for the betterment of the other, but it never worked for long.

Still Going?: Yes.  No. Yes. No. No….I think.

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6 – Buffy Summers and Angel

Property: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

First Meeting: Sunnydale Streets

Relationship Length: ~2 years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: Buffy and Angel have a powerful but tragic relationship.  Buffy started out not trusting Angel. Vampire. Duh.  Then Buffy realized he not only had a soul but a good one.  They fell hard for each other, and if it weren’t Geekdom catches, they would have had a great relationship.  The problem is once Angel is truly happy (aka-post sex) he becomes his evil self – Angelis.  Buffy and Angel could have anything, except each other.  They literally went through hell for each other, but it would never be enough.  They sacrificed for each other over and over but could never be together fully.

Still Going?: No.  Buffy and Angel separated to avoid the return of Angelis.  Although they would reunite when cases called for it.

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7 – Aragorn, Son of Arathorn and Arwen Undomiel

Property: Lord of the Rings

First Meeting: Rivendell

Relationship Length: 190 years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: One of the great fantasy couples.  They loved each other since Aragorn was 20, but her father wouldn’t allow it until Aragorn fulfilled his destiny and became king.  When the war finally came to Middle-Earth, each thought of the other.  Aragorn tried to walk away from the relationship, but only at Elrond’s behest so Arwen could travel with the last of the elves to the undying lands.  Aragorn wanted Arwen to live.  Arwen refused to back away from the relationship.  She made Aragorn keep her gift (necklace).  Arwen did begin to leave because Aragorn had walked away, and her father had only told her half the truth.  Elrond told her of the long, lonely life she would lead post Aragorn.  However, Arwen also had the gift of foresight.  She saw her son and the total life she and Aragorn would have even though she would outlive him.  She chose to stay in Middle-Earth where her life became tied to the fate of the One Ring.

Still Going?: No.  Aragorn would die, but not until the ripe old age of 210.