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8 – William T Riker and Deanna Troi

Property: Star Trek: The Next Generation

First Meeting: Betazed

Relationship Length: 20+ years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: From Riker and Troi’s relationship we learned the term Imzadi.  Oversimplified it means beloved.  It runs deeper that first loves or someone you deeply love.  It has a meaning of forever.  Even if the relationship were to end, it implies a deep connection that will never go away, an eternal bond that will last a lifetime.  Riker and Troi were young loves, but quickly went their separate ways with career reassignments.  They would be reunited once more on the Enterprise, and while there would be other lovers (many in the case of Riker), there was a connection and closeness that never went away.  In fact it drew the two back to each other repeatedly until they finally married.

Still Going?: Yup!

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9 – Belle and The Beast 

Property: Beauty and the Beast

First Meeting: Dungeon

Relationship Length: Months

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: People stuck in reality will hate on this, calling it Stockholm Syndrome. This is fantasy, so you have to let that go.  Granted this is the worst way to start any relationship, being imprisoned for life.  Curses tend to do that.  Once you get past this point, though, the real relationship begins.  Belle has a chance to see Beast for who he truly is beneath the fur and claws, behind the temper.  Behind the raging Beast is a soul that wants to be understood and loved.  Even Beast looks beyond the beauty that blinds the village to see the mind and imagination of the woman before him.  Beauty is found within and they both discovered this together.

Still Going?: Yup!

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10 – Leo Fitz and Gemma Simmons

Property: Agents of SHIELD

First Meeting: SHIELD Academy of Science and Technology

Relationship Length: 5+Years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: This relationship started in the worst possible place – “The Friend Zone.”  Fitz and Simmons knew each other from college, but they were determined this would be a friendship.  Then it began to crack around the edges.  Fitz and his Tech genius were working side by side with Gemma and her life science genius.  The field became treacherous enough that Fitz cracked and in a moment near death confessed his love.  They would grow towards each other as time went on, fighting one battle after another and cheating death more times than they can count.  The story of this relationship is sacrifice.  One would always get into the worst trouble.  The other would always bail them out.

Still Going?: Yep.

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11 – Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Property: Superman

First Meeting: Daily Planet, Metropolis

Relationship Length: unknown

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: The interesting tale of a love triangle that only has two people – sort of.  Clark Kent meets Lois when he goes to work for the Daily Planet.  Clark falls for her quickly, but Lois  could care less about the bubbling and stumbling new guy.  She was more interested in the new guy flying around town – Superman.  This relationship would take more twists and turns than a knotted Twizzler.  Lois would go back and forth knowing the truth of Clark and Superman and having that knowledge taken from her.  Eventually, she would know and they would date and marry off and on through out the time lines…and multiverses.  The feelings were always constant and  they fought to stay together even when jobs and bad guys interfered.

Still Going?: almost no, but after Action Comics #1004, it appears to be Hell ya!

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12 – Anakin Skywalker and Padma Amidala

Property: Star Wars

First Meeting: Tatooine

Relationship Length: 13 years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: At first this may not seem to be one of the ideal relationships in Geekdom, but it actually is, bad directing aside.  Through he force, Anakin knew he was meant to be with Padme.  He never stopped thinking about her.  Of course Padme moved on with life and never really gave it a second thought until Darth Sidious maneuvered the two together.  While Anakin was quick to throw everything away for her, Padme held onto her logic and principles for much longer until she too realized she had feeling for Anakin.

But why is this one of the best relationships in Geekdom?  Anakin loved Padme so much he was ready to throw everything away to be with her. When he saw visions of her death, his every waking thought was ‘How do I save her?’  Of course he was being played by Sidious, but his only thought was to save the one he loved.  Padme was Anakin’s balance and voice of reason when his mind was swirling beyond control.  She tried to keep him stable, but in the end it wasn’t enough.

Still Going?: No.  Both are currently dead.  Padme could not live without Anakin, and Anakin died saving his son.

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13 – Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham

Property: Fringe tv show

First Meeting: During a crime case

Relationship Length: 30+/- years

Quest For Player 2 Relationship Analysis: This may be a lesser known relationship from a greater show.  Olivia first meets Peter when she needs his help to get in touch with Peter’s eccentric father, Walter. Over the course of the X-Files type cases, Peter starts as a tag along, but feelings start flowing between the two.  There is just one issue.  How do you make it work when all of space/time gets in your way.  Each would sacrifice greatly for the other and do the impossible, only to be set back by another dimension and its people.

Still Going?:  You have to factor in different dimensions and time, so its hard to say.  I think yes?