Ablaze Comics seems to be preparing for Halloween early. How else do you explain them releasing all of these new horror stuff?

Ablaze Comics logo.
Red is truly the blood of angry men here.

Funnily enough, Ablaze Comics is actually preparing us for Halloween with their new titles. In total, they’ve got 4 new comic books for us to enjoy. 1 of them is even a new manga series. 3 of them are horror titles, many of them featuring much blood and gore. In other words: the perfect comics to read on All Hallows’ Eve. 1 of them though is a more…relaxed comic that helps people deal with inner monsters, so if you’re not up for intense horror, this might be the title for you.

Here’s the full list of Ablaze Comics releases for September:

Ablaze Comics September Comics Releases:

He Who Fights With Monsters #1, by Francesco Artibani and Werther Dell’Edera

He Who Fights With Monster #1 cover.
A WWII supernatural horror series? I’m in.

World War 2 is raging and the struggle between good and evil is in full force. In Prague, the great Bohemian city is being oppressed by the Nazi occupation and the population lives in terror, while the resistance forces try to organize themselves in the shadows.  It is an almost impossible task. With the ruthless SS tightening their grip on every street and neighborhood with overwhelming might, only one hope feeds the struggle. A crazy hope, which rests on the fragile foundations of an ancient, monstrous legend…

He Who Fights With Monsters #1 will go on sale from Ablaze Comics on September 7, 2021 for $3.99.

MonsterMind: Dealing With Anxiety and Self Doubt, by Alfonso Casas

MonsterMind cover.
Rather pleasant-looking monsters though.

Alfonso Casas’s MonsterMind is a very personal account of the inner monsters that live inside his head. But who doesn’t have a monster inside them?

MonsterMind will go on sale from Ablaze Comics on September 29, 2021 for $19.99.

Trese Vol. 3, by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo

Trese Vol. 3 cover.
Well, ain’t that an ominous title?

An ancient being that thrives on violence and thirsts for blood has found new disciples in modern Manila. Sacrifice has been demanded. Rituals must be executed. When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Trese.

Trese Vol. 3 will go on sale from Ablaze Comics on September 29, 2021 for $16.99.

Ablaze Comics September Manga Releases

Crueler Than Dead Vol. 1, by Tsukasa Saimura and Kozo Takahashi

Crueler Than Dead Vol. 1 cover.
You can already tell there’s going to be ludicrous gibs here.

When Maki Akagi wakes up in a lab full of corpses, she learns from a dying soldier that she is the result of a last-ditch experiment to cure humans of a virus turning them into zombies. Accompanied by a young boy who also miraculously escaped, she will have to try to get to the very center of a devastated Tokyo filled with bloodthirsty monsters. The dome located there contains the last survivors of mankind. And humanity’s very survival depends solely on a few drops of this miraculous vaccine…

Crueler Than Dead Vol. 1 will go on sale from Ablaze Comics on September 29, 2021 for $12.99.


Ablaze Comics has a bunch of new comics (and 1 manga series) lined up for a September 2021 release. As you can expect from the release date, they’re releasing them to prepare us for Halloween. Granted, 1 of them isn’t a horror comic, but the others appear to more than makeup for that. Get ready for some scares this September.

Source: Ablaze Comics