In the original series The Last Witch from author Conor McCreery, young Saoirse discovers the birthmark across her shoulder is actually a witchmark, which allows her to resist dark magick… and take it for herself. She must learn to control her power, or the Cailleach and her handmaidens will release the Eater of Worlds from the faerie lands, destroying all life on the planet.

Check out our spoiler-free review for issue #5 below!

In the final issue of The Last Witch, we see Saoirse go up against the witch Badb. It’s a powerful conclusion for the series which does a great job of bringing together all the threads from the previous issues. 

First, we get a lot of extra depth from Saoirse herself. She wields more power than ever before, and uses her abilities in new ways. (So the magical action stays top-notch.) But we also continue to see her emotional vulnerability and the toll using her magic takes. This final issue picks up the earlier thread about Saoirse being afraid of how her powers might hurt people and expands it. We learn she isn’t just afraid of people getting harmed in the crossfire of battle; Saoirse actually worries the power will corrupt her, and make her want to harm others. Her caution and self-awareness when it comes to magic only endears her to us more.

Badb proves a solid Big Bad with a creepy, multi-face look going on. On appearance alone, I still think Annis looked scarier. (But an excess of teeth has always creeped me out.) But personal preference for scares aside, there’s no doubt Badb is more powerful than Annis—and she’s certainly cleverer about using them. That makes her feel a lot more dangerous.

Luckily, Saoirse has a few of her own tricks up her sleeve, including getting a little magic amplification from faerie Hugh. Although in essence this is Saoirse vs. Badb, we also get just enough of Hugh, Gran, and Brahm to make the right impact.

Officially, The Last Witch #5 wraps up the story. However, we’re left with a somewhat open ending, and there’s definitely room to do more in this universe. Personally, I’d love it if Boom picked this one up for a continuation. (I’ve got my fingers crossed!) 

Overall, The Last Witch weaves an emotionally resonant tale in a rich but grounded magical world. The series is definitely worth a read, so grab your copy today!

The Last Witch #5 is now available from Boom! Studios.