Boom! Studios’ Willow is a five-issue limited series set in the Buffyverse. The story follows Willow as she leaves Sunnydale after the events of Hellmouth.

In the fourth (aka next to last!) issue, Willow fights dueling urges to both leave Abhainn and stay forever. Either way, she’s about to tap into an incredible amount of power…

Boom Studios' Willow #4 main cover art

Check out our review of issue #4 below. (Note: this review contains plot spoilers!)

Need to catch up? Read about the previous three issues here.

Willow #4 Review

A Loose Thread

Before I even get into the story, I need to give my compliments to the main cover artist. While all the Willow comics have looked great, the fourth issue ties with the first for me as the best design. It’s beautiful, just a little ominous, and ties in to the thematic undertone of the issue – and really, the series.

The issue opens with Willow confessing that she’s always felt like a loose thread in life. She just doesn’t seem to fit in. And that’s why Abhainn means so much to her. Since she arrived, she felt like she belonged.

But even as Willow finds herself drawn to Abhainn – and especially to Aelara – she knows deep down something isn’t right. When another young witch begs Willow to help her leave the town, Willow agrees.

And that’s when the magic I asked for really kicks off.

A Jolt of Magic

When Willow and her desperate new friend try to walk out of the woods of Abhainn, they’re stopped by a pack of wolves. Willow pushes them back in an awesome display of power – but she’s not free yet. Because who’s controlling those wolves? Aelara of course. She appears (in a new “evil sorceress who controls wolves” outfit) and tells Willow she won’t be allowed to leave.

Oh $&@!

It seems my prediction about the final issue containing some big magic was right. It looks like we’re in for a big magical showdown between Willow and Aelara. I can’t wait!

Willow #4 did a great job of lulling the reader into a false sense of security. Even after Willow is approached by a witch desperate to leave, we’re still not sure how bad the situation is at first. (In between this meeting and their attempted escape, Willow attends a very nice dinner party at Aelara’s.) So when all of a sudden there’s glowing spectral wolves and the start of a magic showdown? BAM! It really hits you.

Plus, the art for Willow has consistently been good – love the witchy vibe – but the issue 4 ending? Wow. I’d frame these pages.

Now that we’re full-swing into October, I can’t think of a better time to get into the Willow series. Willow #4 is available from Boom! Studios now.