Disneyland will test a virtual queue for another fan favorite attraction at Adventureland. ‘Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye’ will be undergoing the test May 11th for the first time since the resort recently opened up on April 30th for local California residents.

Indiana Jones Adventure – Adventureland – Disneyland Park – Disneyland Resort – 2/19/20. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

Disney’s guidelines with California’s Department of Health for COVID-19 health and safety mandates a requirement to eliminate indoor queuing. So the park is coming up with creative ways to maintain social distancing for selected attractions with lengthy queue lines. Attractions such as: The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance have long outdoor queues.

Guests will need to use the Disneyland app to be alerted when the virtual queue is on or not for the Indiana Jones attraction!

The temporary virtual queue will be much like Rise of the Resistance. Guests will need the Disneyland app on their smartphone devices. Disney officials have said “don’t expect it to be for all day use” and are anticipating a hybrid of regular and virtual queuing options. Disney is implementing this system because of high volume of traffic for the attraction.

Guests should also check the Disneyland app as frequently as possible to see if the virtual queue is on. The Indy queue will not open up at 7am before Disneyland does, unlike Rise of the Resistance for its queuing. When the queue turns on, guests will get a return group number via the Disneyland app.

No set times are current for Indy, as Disney can turn on and off the system at given point and can only use the virtual once per day. No other immediate plans have been announced by Disney for their other attractions since their phased reopening.

Share your thoughts for the new changes for virtual queue testing for Indy Jones!

Disclaimer: Based off California state’s guidelines, Disneyland Resort is open for California residents only. Disneyland may require proof of residency to enter the park. Guests need a theme park ticket and reservation prior to arrival. Face coverings for guests of all ages 2 and older must be worn throughout the resort.

Source: Orange County Register