Bluey is probably an animated children’s series you wouldn’t be familiar with unless you’re from Australia. The show is basically a slice of life show about an anthropomorphic puppy (specifically a Australian breed called the Blue Heeler) living in Brisbane, Queensland with his dog family, and interacting with other dog characters of different breeds. It’s the kind of show Australian parents would show to their equally as Australian kids. It might even interest kids outside of Australia to learn about what that smallest of continents is like, culturally speaking. That’s on top of this series earning several awards, including a fifth consecutive AACTA Best Children’s Programme award, International Kids Emmy® Award, the Television Critics Association Award, BAFTA Children & Young People Awards, Critics’ Choice Award nominations and many more.

Thus, you can understand why Bluey having its first special episode is such a big deal to Australia. Apparently, this is also a big deal to folks outside of Australia as well. Or at least, it’s gaining quite a bit of popularity in the world outside of the land down under. How else do you explain Disney+ wanting to stream this show globally?

Bluey: Global Debut Details

Bluey "Ghostbasket" and "The Sign" image.
In this version of Australia, eyebrows float instead of doing the sensible thing of lying still on people’s faces.

Disney Branded Television, BBC Studios Kids & Family, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) are all proud to announce that Bluey is about to make her first global debut. This is all in celebration of the upcoming episodes “Ghostbasket” and “The Sign”. The former is just your standard nine minutes long for this series, which effectively makes the whole show a series of shorts. However, “The Sign” is special…literally. It’s a 28-minute long special episode, with “Ghostbasket” leading up to it. It will be the longest episode of this show thus far, being just over three times the length of a normal episode. We have no idea what it’s about yet, but it won’t be that long until we find out.

“Ghostbasket” will make its debut on Sunday, April 7, 2024; while “The Sign” will make its own debut on Sunday, April 14, 2024. Both episodes will premiere on ABC Kids in Australia first, before Disney+, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel will premiere them in all other available regions (with the exception of China and New Zealand). Thus, you will need to get a paid subscription if you or your kids want to watch this.

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