Departing Seniors follows Javier. Javier is a Mexican-American and queer high school student, who finds himself on the outside of the popular crowd. However, when Javier becomes the victim of bullying and ends up in the hospital, he is plagued by disturbing visions.

So, these visions show him glimpses of terrifying murders that are about to occur at his school. As he navigates the complexities of social hierarchies and prejudices within clique culture, Javier, alongside his best friend Bianca, must embark on a mission to uncover the identity of a serial killer and prevent further bloodshed.

I had a chance to sit down with Director, Clare Cooney! We got to discuss the process of tackling her first full-length feature and more!



Mexican-American and queer, high school student Javier doesn’t exactly fit in with the popular kids. But he might be the only one who can save them. After an act of bullying sends Javier to the hospital, he begins experiencing visions that foresee glimpses of shocking murders at his school right before they happen. Now, in between navigating the social hierarchies and prejudices of clique culture, Javier (Primo’s Ignacio Diaz-Silverio) and his best friend Bianca (Candyman’s Ireon Roach) must try to unmask a serial killer before he strikes again.

Official Synopsis

Departing Seniors is written by Jose Nateras. The film stars Ignacio Diaz-Silvero (Primo), Ireon Roach (Candyman), Yani Gellman (Pretty Little Liars), Maisie Merlock, Cameron Roberts, and Sasha Kuznetsov.

Make sure to check out the film releasing in select theaters and on VOD/PVOD on February 2, 2024!