Street Fighter is one of the biggest video game franchises in existence, with Street Fighter 6 being the latest entry in the mainline series. It seems even in 2023, fighting games are still going strong in the gaming world. However, the franchise isn’t all about fighting, although that is its main point. No, fans of this fighting game series might also enjoy the music that plays during the game.

Thus, you can understand why a concert featuring the music from Street Fighter 6 would be a big thing.

Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack Concert: Details

Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack Concert 1080 x 1080 art.
Even Luke is all hyped for this concert.

Amoeba Music Hollywood is proud to announce the Street Fighter™ 6 Concert, Panel, and Signing Event. As the title implies, this will be a one-day only concert featuring hit soundtracks from the game. In fact, the feature event is a special performance by artists behind the game’s songs “Not On The Sidelines” and “Legends”: GRP, Randy Marx, Rocco 808, and Jayy Starr. All to celebrate the upcoming release of the Street Fighter™ 6 Original Soundtrack Collector’s Edition Vinyl to boot.

That’s not all though. As the title also implies, attendees can get to meet the game’s Director, the Lead Producer and Composer, and the soundtrack’s Executive Producers: Takayuki Nakayama, Yoshiya Terayama, Shuhei Matsumoto, and Koyo Sonae. If you’ve been a fan of Street Fighter 6 since it launched on June 2, 2023; then this is your chance to meet the people behind it.

So when is this concert event going to happen? Well, the Street Fighter™ 6 Concert, Panel, and Signing Event is going to take place on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at 5:00 PM (PT). The exact place will be at Amoeba Music Hollywood, 6200 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, so that’s where you’ll need to be. And don’t worry about the fee; there isn’t any. Yes, that’s right. This event is entirely free for all ages to attend, so put your wallet away and check it out. Here’s the official website for more details.

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