Get your claws and wallets ready! Universal Studios has shared an inside look for the first ever “Jurassic World” tribute store! People know the theme park mostly for Halloween Horror Nights and other seasonal events… So this first-time ever store based off of the Jurassic Park franchise is a welcome surprise. The announcement comes as hype heats up for the latest entry entry in the film series, Dominion.

The resort will debut its latest attraction, the VelociCoaster, next month on June 10th. In conjunction with the ride’s launch, the Jurassic World tribute store will feature specialty merchandise inspired by the franchise. The store will consist of three rooms: the “Control Room'” “Raptor Paddock,” and “Lab.”

Let’s start off with the “Control Room.”It’s focus is based off the VelociCoaster. ThHere guests can examine different dinosaurs and shop merchandise based off the attraction.

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Examine raptors at the Jurassic World Tribute Store

Next up is the “Raptor Paddock” where guests can shop “Into the Wild” and “Tropical” merchandise lines. Items rage from spirit jerseys, socks, and key chains. The “tropical” line will feature trendy tie-dye hoodies, beach hats, and bright summer-colored items. (Bless your heart, Ned Gendry.)

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Lastly is the “Lab.” Guests can purchase Mr. DNA merchandise that includes stickers and tumblers. If you know the movies, Mr. DNA feature heavily where dinosaurs are created and get a behind-the-scenes look at authentic props from the “Jurassic Park” films, including Jurassic World.

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Did we mention the food?

At the end of the store guests will find food and beverages and a “blast from the past” to sink your teeth into. Their will even be “Jurassic World” VelociCoaster themed s’mores, cupcakes, and chocolate dinosaur eggshells. To top it off is a “Dig-In” dessert jar filled with decadent chocolate cake and frosting. Anyone hungry yet?

If your not able to travel to the Jurassic World Tribute Store, Universal Orlando does offer merchandise through their online store here.

What will you getting at the Jurassic World tribute store at Universal Studios Florida? Leave it down in the comments section below!

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