Spy x Family Ch. 93 finally gives us the results of the term finals that Anya took in the previous chapter. Said results are…interesting. Only because there’s no way anyone could’ve anticipated this unexpected outcome. Especially not Anya Forger.

Spy x Family Ch. 93: Details

Spy x Family Short Mission 10 special illustration.
As unexpected as a special illustration about the Forger fighting aliens in space.

Spy x Family Ch. 93 (known officially as Mission 93) is the latest chapter of the manga by Tatsuya Endo (Blade of the Moon PrincessTISTA). This chapter is a direct continuation of the previous chapter of the manga, when Anya was preparing for her finals. In fact, this is the chapter where we get to see the results of those preparations.

Casey Loe returns as the translator for Spy x Family Ch. 93, with Rina Mapa also returning as the letterer. Shueisha originally published this manga in Japan under their Jump Comics+ imprint in the magazine Shōnen Jump+. Viz Media is the company publishing this manga in English in the NA region.

When and Where to Read

Spy x Family Ch. 93 made its online debut on January 7, 2024. You can read this chapter entirely for free on Shonen Jump on Viz Media. Ch. 93 will remain free for 2 chapter releases after it. Upon the release of the third chapter after it, Ch. 93 will go into the Shonen Jump vault. Once there, you will have to pay a subscription fee to read it and all previous chapters. Admittedly, the fee is only $2.99 per month, so it’s not that big a hit to your wallet. All the same, if you’re short on cash, then you might want to hurry up and read Ch. 93 for free before you can’t anymore.

Anime Adaptation Details

As a side note: Spy x Family now has an anime adaptation that premiered on April 9, 2022. In fact, season 2 just recently premiered on October 7, 2023 and even more recently ended on December 23, 2023. You can watch all episodes on either Crunchyroll or Hulu. Note, though, that only Crunchyroll has any of the dubs. So if you like watching the English dub for some reason, then you have to watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family Ch. 93: Plot Summary

Spy x Family screenshot showing Anya with a disbelieving expression.
Anya’s face when she sees her own test results.

Spy x Family Ch. 93 actually does pick up right where we last left off in the previous chapter. Eden Academy finally announces the results of the finals everyone, including Anya, took in said previous chapter. As it turns out, Anya’s overall score actually had a considerable improvement over her previous score. From 213th place all the way up to, wait for it, 168th place. It may not sound that good, but it’s better than being rock-bottom.

Then comes the surprise: Anya actually gets the 2nd highest score in classical language (after some random guy named Arnold Crowley). Thus, she gets a Stella Star for an academic achievement for the first time in her life. This is great news…and then Anya turns out to have gotten a math score below the cutoff line, which means that she gets a Tonitrus Bolt too. Even Henry Henderson notes this is the first time he’s ever seen a student get both a Stella and a Tonitrus in a single test. Still, it doesn’t dampen Anya’s enthusiasm for her academically achieved Stella star, and even Loid is proud of her for it…after getting over the dumbfounded shock of her getting a Tonitrus bolt too, that is.

Loid does ask Anya though if she ever grew up in a place where the classical language was used to see if that could be it though, but Anya doesn’t remember anything. Thus, Anya just attends the award ceremony and is awarded that Stella, along with Damian in another subject. However, there’s another older student who got 6 Stellas in this finals alone. That would be Damian’s older brother: Demetrius. Thus, Anya tries to read his mind while Damian is having a conversation with him. However, Anya gets nothing. Zip. Zero. No thoughts in his head whatsoever. Not until he thinks answers to Damian’s words, and that’s it. Anya decides that copying Demetrius in this (along with not blinking) will make her smarter. Loid is sorely confused. Will Anya’s eyes dry out before she gets smarter? Well, maybe we’ll find out in the next chapter of Spy x Family.

Spy x Family Ch. 93: The Good

Spy x Family screenshot showing a happy, smiling Anya.
Yeah, Anya gets a Stella Star through academic achievement!

What isn’t good about this chapter? Seriously, Spy x Family Ch. 93 is one of the best chapters out there in terms of pure comedy and heart. What else do you call it when Anya basically pulls off the impossibly unexpected, and gets both a Stella Star and a Tonitrus Bolt in the same test? That’s just a diabolically twisted plot twist by Tatsuya Endo. Anya is both one step closer to ultimate success, and one step closer to ultimate failure. Only time will tell if this whole situation will come down to the wire, where she’s one step away from Imperial Scholar and one step away from expulsion.

Not only that, but we finally get to meet Demetrius Desmond for the first time in Spy x Family. Amazingly, Damian seems to be the only normal person in his family, due to Demetrius is just as bizarre as their father and mother. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of him. He seems to be some kind of genius savant who barely knows how to be a human outside of academic stuff. You have to wonder if he was born that way, or if his father made him that way? It might take a while before we find out in Spy x Family though.

Spy x Family Ch. 93: The Bad

Spy x Family screenshot showing a shocked Anya gaping at something.
Alas, she also gets a Tonitrus Bolt via academic failure too.

Honestly, my only complaint about Spy x Family Ch. 93 has nothing to do with this chapter, and it’s with the manga as a whole. My complaint is that I have to wait at least 2 weeks to find out what happens next in the manga, due to Tatsuya Endo being on a biweekly release schedule. Honestly though, it can’t be helped. Even at this pace, it seems to be too much for Tatsuya Endo at times, since he’s taken several breaks from the manga throughout its release. What I (and hopefully other fans) want is for Tatsuya Endo to continue to give us quality stories as he’s always done, so I’m fully willing to accept that biweekly wait as long as the Forgers continue to be the Forgers. And judging by this chapter alone, I won’t be disappointed.