Of all the anime series Spy x Family would do a collaboration with, did you ever expect it to be Chainsaw Man? No, really. I’m not kidding. You can check out the evidence below.

Anya Now a Fan of Chainsaw Man?

"Spy x Family" x "Chainsaw Man" collaboration ad panel 1.
The Spy Devil looks adorably devilish.

Shonenleaks posted this collaboration ad between Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man (of all crossovers) on Twitter. The ad comes in the form of a 4-panel manga, called a yonkoma in Japanese. It may not be obvious from the first panel unless you can read Japanese, but Anya above is calling herself a “Spy Devil”. Ironically, fear of spies might actually be a potent Devil in the world of Chainsaw Man simply due to the sheer number of intelligence agents fearing each other. This Spy Devil though is just adorable.

"Spy x Family" x "Chainsaw Man" collaboration ad panel 2.
Calling Loid a “Study Devil” is a bit much, isn’t it?

The next panel features Anya calling Loid a “Study Devil”. Presumably after attempting to persuade Anya to take her schoolwork seriously. I’m unsure if the stress and worry students feel about studying can rightly be called a “fear” though. If it does though, then the Study Devil in Chainsaw Man might be surprisingly potent. You know, in spite of how silly Anya makes it appear here.

"Spy x Family" x "Chainsaw Man" collaboration ad panel 3.
Honestly, most sane people might be right to fear that dish.

The 3rd panel features Anya seeing one of the more…unique dishes Yor makes, and thus calling her a “Cooking Devil” because of it. Not out of character for Anya in Spy x Family canon, really, given how Anya openly insists on Loid cooking at all times. Although, does anyone really fear bad cooking? Maybe Gordon Ramsey and other top chefs, but that’s about it. Most normal people wouldn’t exactly fear a terrible cook, so it’d likely be one of the weaker Devils in Chainsaw Man.

"Spy x Family" x "Chainsaw Man" collaboration ad panel 4.
Oh look, it’s the adorable chainsaw bean dog we only see for a short time.

The 4th and final of this collaboration ad finally features a character from Chainsaw Man in the form of Pochita: Denji‘s beloved chainsaw bean dog thing. Anya here is simply declaring that “Pochita is cute!”. And yes, we can all agree that it is cute indeed…except for Bond there in the background. His horrified expression should tell you everything you need to know about his opinion of this new chainsaw bean dog. Fear of being replaced seems to be an underrated fear indeed here. Maybe we’ll get even more of these collaborations as both anime series waxes in popularity.

Source: Twitter