The Boys is proving to be one of the most popular superhero series in recent times. It’s not surprising really. It’s the live-action adaptation of the very popular comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, after all. Even if it doesn’t quite exactly follow the comic book, there’s a reason why both critics and audiences love it. Thus, you can understand why Amazon is promoting the upcoming season 4 as hard as they can. Also thus, you can understand why as part of that promotion campaign, we’re getting some new teaser art.

The Boys Season 4: Teaser Art Details

The Boys season 4 Billy Butcher teaser art.
The ultimate in antihero.

Amazon Prime Video (or just Prime Video as they like to be called these days) is proud to hype up their upcoming The Boys season 4 with new teaser art. Two of them, in fact. You can see that the first one above is all about Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban). He’s the leader of the titular group of vigilantes who harbors an intense hatred of all “superheroes” in this world for some understandable reasons. As you can see in that teaser art, Prime Video seems to be making him out as the poster child for “Destroyed Innocence”. We’ll just have to see if season 4 puts any truth to this art.

The Boys season 4 Homelander teaser art.
Versus the fake superhero supreme.

You can see the second teaser art for The Boys season 4 above. Said teaser art depicts the rather infamous Homelander (played by Antony Starr). The art shows this very fake superhero receiving praise, attention, and a whole bunch of confetti. All serving to fuel his ego, of course. Will he remain this popular in season 4, though?

Fortunately, it won’t be long until we get the answer to both questions. The Boys season 4 will make its debut sometime in 2024. You can watch it and all previous seasons only on Prime Video.