“You won’t believe what’s coming.” That’s the tag-line for these last two episodes of Marvel Studios’ Loki. The second season of the hit Disney+ series is off to an exceptional start and this most recent episode ended on a hell of a cliffhanger. The mid-season trailer shows off what’s come before it and a little bit of what’s coming down the line for the last two episodes.

Normally, these mid-season trailers are a bit much. They give away things, or seemingly give away things. Like the upcoming episodes, it’s pretty clear Loki has to go back to people’s timelines and grab them. There are plenty of theories about where each of the TVA members came from. We might be seeing just why Mobius has an obsession with Jetskis.

Next up for the MCU after Loki is The Marvels. Which is one of the first shows that really bridges the gap between one of their most recent series Ms. Marvel and the movies. It releases in theaters on November 10th. The film sees the return of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel as she tries to figure out the link between her and Kamala Khan.

We’ll have to see how these final two episodes of Loki shape the series and possibly the MCU as a whole. All of time is on the line.

The last two episodes of Loki season two premiere on November 2th, and November 9th.

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