If you woke up this morning and checked King Diamond‘s official Twitter/X account, you might have noticed this post.

The post simply says:

Masquerade of Madness | Tomorrow…

And then it has a video that looks like it could be a live-action version of the artwork for his most recent single “Masquerade of Madness” from the upcoming album The Institute. We haven’t had almost any news on this album in quite a long time. It’s been teased, and was teased before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it certainly looks like we could be getting some new material from King Diamond very soon.

You can listen to the track “Masquerade of Madness” below.

Hopefully, it’s more than just a music video for a three-year-old track and an actual announcement of a new album coming!

King Diamond has been busy with music from his band and also from Mercyful Fate in recent times. He and Mercyful Fate embarked on their first tour in quite a long time last year and are committed to new music. They debuted the new track “The Jackal Of Salzburg” on that tour.

It’s going to be an interesting Halloween for fans of the King no matter what. His music could make up entire playlists of Halloween Heavy Metal lists by themselves.

So, what do you think it’ll be? Are we getting new King Diamond music or an announcement tomorrow?

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