Hulu’s Quiz Lady was a heartwarming film that was a surprise to me. Growing up, my favorite thing to do on sick days was curl up on the couch and watch The Price is Right. Bob Barker was the daytime host that everyone loved and looked up to. I’m also pretty sure it’s the show that started my game show obsession. While I’m not a game show genius and my sister and I are not estranged, I absolutely related to the characters in this film on a personal level.


Quiz Lady follows Anne (Awkwafina) and her wayward sister, Jenny (Sandra Oh). Anne works a boring job at an accounting firm, but her nights are filled with joy watching her favorite Quiz Show. Anne never misses an evening and has become a wiz at answering the questions. Jenny couldn’t be more different. She’s a free spirit with a million (failed) aspirations. 

From their body language to their acting choices Awkafina and Sandra Oh absolutely kill it in these roles. Awkwafina is particularly good at capturing Anne’s awkwardness and insecurity, while Sandra Oh is hilarious as Jenny. I loved getting to see Sandra Oh let loose! She’s always played these tightly wound-up characters like Christina Yang and Eve Polastri. So, it’s great to see her play something out of the box and incredibly fun. The two actresses have great chemistry together, and their performances are one of the highlights of the film.


The writing in Quiz Lady is sharp and funny, and the film does a good job of capturing the dynamics of a close-knit family. The love and nostalgia of the game show world is one you don’t see movies and television play in often. I really enjoyed being taken back to a specific time in my life when things seemed easier, and the Game Show Host was my comfort. 

Will Ferrell (Barbie) does an excellent job capturing the kindness and endearment of the iconic Game Show Host. I also appreciate that the character is truly that wonderful and they didn’t go the angry man underneath it all route. 

Overall, Quiz Lady is a funny, heartwarming, and well-acted film. It’s a must-see for fans of Awkwafina, Sandra Oh, and game shows.