Heavy metal and Halloween just go together. They both celebrate the darker, drearier sides of life. They also both happen to kick a whole lot of ass. We’ve already done plenty of lists about heavy metal and Halloween songs, so if this one looks strange and doesn’t have your favorite track, that’s because we already did them on another list, which you can check out at the end of this list. If you’re in the mood for some off-the-wall choices for that Halloween playlist, these are your best choices.

Also, if you want people to leave your Halloween party, just remember that KISS always does the trick. We’ve limited the list to just one song per artist, or else we could just do all of King Diamond’s discography. And while that would be fun, we already did the Top 10 King Diamond Songs Ever for Fright-A-Thon a few years back.

What exactly constitutes as heavy metal for this exercise? Anything I want, you can take your debates about what is and isn’t heavy metal to another place. We’re here to party and have a good time on All Hallows Eve. Here are 10 Amazing Halloween Heavy Metal Songs.

10. Sanctified – Nine Inch Nails

This is one of those examples that people who have their heads up their own asses will cry out: “BUT THAT’S NOT HEAVY METAL!” Well, in my book, Nine Inch Nails is, and this song is spooky as hell. Someone gets put under a spell, and a guy gets turned into a mindless zombie following a girl, That sounds pretty Halloween/Horror to me. And then, to top it all off, after going through hell and back, the guy decides to go through it all again.

I know this one might not be about anything spooky or Halloween, but just listen to it, and tell me you couldn’t hear this in a ’90s horror movie.

9. South Of Heaven – Slayer

If it’s good enough to scare parents in the 1980’s out of their pants, it’s good enough for me. It doesn’t get much more devilish and evil-sounding than the opening riff of the title track of South of Heaven. Out of Slayer’s discography, this is one of the tracks where they slow the pace. It aids the track immensely because it builds and builds and builds until you reach the crescendo.

All the way until the feedback of the track lulls you into sleep for all eternity. It doesn’t get much better from Slayer than this.

8. Walking On Water – Jorn

If you’ve never heard of Jorn Lande, you’re in for a treat. Think about if the greatest fan of Ronnie James Dio, metal, ’80s pop, and more had one of the most amazing voices in heavy metal. That’s what you get with Jorn. Oh, and he also did an entire album based on Dracula. “Walking On Water” comes from that album and is even better live than it is on the track.

You won’t get a bigger heavy metal fan than Jorn, and you probably won’t get a bigger fan of the original horror monster, Dracula.

7. Am I Evil? – Metallica

I have no idea why Metallica decided to upload this track with Ride the Lightning as the image instead of Kill ‘Em All, but that’s besides the point. They did this track better than Diamond Head did. It’s a heavy metal classic, but this one has some pretty terrifying imagery about witchcraft, murder, and other deadly things.

This one sounds like it could be a classic Hammer Horror film on a song. It’s a stone cold classic of the genre, and definitely belongs on your Halloween playlist.

6. Square Hammer – Ghost

The new masters of the macabre, Ghost, are here with their special brand of heavy metal and seemingly Scooby-Doo chase sounding music. “Square Hammer” features some spooky sounding lyrics that are presented in such a way that it might trick someone into thinking its not about devil worship. However, don’t be mistaken, Ghost, like King Diamond, could fill up an entire list of their own with songs that feature spooky and horror imagery.

5. Eye Of The Witch – King Diamond

It’s King Diamond. I don’t think I need to say anymore. Whatever basically anyone in heavy metal has gotten their spooky influences from, the falsetto-singing, corpse-paint wearing, master of horror should be at the top of the list. We’ve populated our previous list with tracks from him and Mercyful Fate, but surprisingly the main event of The Eye hasn’t made a list yet.

Somehow, it’s a track and album that gets lost among the absolute smash-classics that the King has put out. Don’t let that dissuade you though, The Eye is among his best. This one has all the hallmarks of a spooky season classic.

4. Halloween – Misfits

Do Punk and Metal go hand in hand? Yes, yes, they do. In my book, the Misfits fit into the wide genre of heavy metal, and “Halloween” is a classic of the genre. It might be less than two minutes, but this jams in some Halloween imagery, sounds spooky as hell, and features Glenn Danzig wailing “Halloween” over and over again. This song includes all the different things you were scared of as a kid around Halloween time.

3. Teenage Frankenstein – Alice Cooper

’80s Alice Cooper is my favorite, and Constrictor features some of the best Halloween metal songs out there. “Teenage Frankenstein” evokes imagery of your youth screwing around in the Fall. It’s a perfect song for any playlist, because it’s not quite as heavy as some of the other tracks on this list, but it lets the audience know we’re all ready to party like a Teenage Frankenstein.

2. Black No. 1 – Type O Negative

So you might think this song sounds like you’re dating a vampire or something. In reality, “Black No. 1” is making fun of the goth stereotypes out there and the people who are so into themselves, that they can’t be bothered with other people. Frontman Peter Steele has talked about how this song is about an ex-girlfriend who couldn’t focus on anyone other than herself.

With all that out of the way, this is a tremendous Halloween playlist song, and one that fits for any audience. Got a bunch of people who might not like metal? Well this one feels less heavy, but still also incredibly heavy at the same time. It’s a strange listening sensation, but one that’ll please anyone.

1. Dead Again Jayne – Lordi

Boy, if you haven’t heard of Lordi before, you need to. The prolific chameleons of heavy metal have plenty of albums under their belt, but their latest Screem Writers Guild is on another level. It’s packed to the brim with spooky goodness including the leading song, “Dead Again Jayne”. Just take a look at the music video and tell me this isn’t about as perfect as they come for Halloween.

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