Viz Media is currently the largest manga publisher here in NA region. All thanks to their Shonen Jump magazine, which due to an extensive marketing campaign, is the most well-known manga anthology in NA region as well. Thus, it explains why at New York Comic Con 2023, Viz Media has a panel schedule that focuses on Naruto. You know, since they own the rights to the manga and anime, and it’s part of their Shonen Jump lineup?

Viz Media at NYCC 2023: Details

Naruto Shippuden at MYCC 2023.
Because ninjas never get old.

Viz Media is proud to announce their full lineup of panels incoming for NYCC 2023 from October 12 to October 15, 2023. As you can tell above though, this year, they’re focusing on Naruto. Specifically: Naruto Shippuden, and they have a good reason for that. See, Viz has actually managed to get Maile Flanagan herself: the English dub voice actress for Naruto Uzumaki, for this Naruto-centric panel.

However, that’s not everything Viz Media has to offer at NYCC 2023. They also have a worldbuilding workshop, and even a merch booth at Booth #2235 there too. For a full list of Viz Media’s panel schedule at NYCC 2023, you can check that out below:


Thursday, October 12th, 3:00-4:00PM @ Room 408 – Worldbuilding and Beyond: Sci-Fi & Fantasy in Hollywood

  • Sci-fi and fantasy have been the source of some of the most creative, inspiring, and successful projects in Hollywood history. With audience demand for new voices and perspectives in sci-fi and fantasy stronger than ever, studios and streamers are on the hunt for the next genre franchise. With more opportunities for creators to build speculative worlds, bigger budgets and more investment in sci-fi and fantasy on screens, what’s next for these genres in Hollywood?
  • Hear from some of the most exciting creators, writers, and producers in sci-fi and fantasy about the state of these genres, and their predictions for world-building in comics, literature, TV, and film. How can sci-fi and fantasy break stereotypes, build immersive worlds, and grow fandoms bringing these genres to screens.
  • Panelists:
    • Aron Levitz, President of Wattpad WEBTOON Studios 
    • Fawn Lau, Executive Editor, VIZ Originals
    • Tamara Fuentes, Entertainment Editor, Cosmopolitan

Saturday, October 14th, 4:45-5:45PM @ Room 405 – Naruto Shippuden Panel by VIZ Media

  • Put on your headbands and come celebrate Naruto’s birthday with Maile Flanagan, the iconic English voice of Naruto Uzumaki! Listen to her many voice acting battle stories and discover how she found her own ninja way. Plus, announcements, prizes, games and more!


Viz Store at NYCC 2023 image 1.
I see Viz Media is getting spooky for Halloween.
  • Collect a limited edition button and receive a hole punch at Banpresto, Atsuko, and CultureFly booths. Once all 3 buttons have been collected, head to Bandai booth #2705 for your exclusive Naruto Shippuden prize.
    • *While supplies last. Final Prize will not be given unless all 3 buttons and hole punches have been received.
Viz Store at NYCC 2023 image 2.
But at least there’s Naruto merch for those who aren’t into the spooky.