Coming to Disney+ this Holiday season is Godmothered, a charming comedy about Eleanor, a young, inexperienced Godmother-in-training. After learning that all Fairy Godmothers will become extinct, or worse – tooth fairies, Eleonore decides it’s up to her to show the world that people still need fairy godmothers and save them from extinction. 

Bringing the film to life is Jillian Bell as Eleonor and Isla Fisher as Mackenzie Walsh, the no longer a 10-year-old girl Eleonor is trying to help. Along the journey to their self-discovery, we meet Paula (Mackenzie’s sister), Mackenzie’s 2 daughters, and her news-watch team – Grant, Duff, and Hugh…Prince.

I absolutely loved this film. It was absolutely delightful, laugh out loud funny, full of heart, and Disney magic – complete with a helpful woodland creature, Gary.  Jillian Bell (Workaholics) absolutely knocks it out of the park as Eleonor. She is adorable, funny, and so loveable that you are rooting for her the entire way through the film, even when she is failing miserably.

I really enjoyed seeing Isla Fisher play the “straight man” in the film. Typically we see her play quirky characters in films like Wedding Crashers or as Rebel Alley in Arrested Development. Fisher playing Mackenzie was a lovely color on her and I hope to see more of it in the future. 

Santiago Cabrera Is A Real Highlight

If you think Santiago Cabrera is smart, handsome, and charming in Star Trek: Picard just wait until you see him as Hugh Prince. When having the chance to sit down with the cast he and Fisher said they love taking on characters out of the norm.

Cabrera said the fact that Hugh was so different from his previous characters was, “…part of the appeal ‘cause you always wanna change things up. But I  also like that it wasn’t your typical prince. It was like,  you know, Prince Charming in quotes ‘cause he’s kind of like the underdog and, uh, he definitely felt like Isla’s character was out of his league, rightly so...But, you know, you always wanna change things up. So, if it’s an opportunity to do something different then, you know, you go for it. “

I really appreciated the moral of the story because it is so touching and beautiful. Happily-Ever-After doesn’t just mean a fair maiden gets rescued and marries a handsome Prince – it is so much more than that. Happily-Ever-After has nothing to do with magic. It is whatever you make of it, what you think is your greatest achievement, what you bring to yourself, and others. We are our own Happily-Ever-After.