Spy x Family Ch. 87 is basically Twilight going back to his normal life, for a given value of “normal.” After all the spy action and drama of the WISE vs. SSS arc in the previous chapters, I’m of the opinion that he needs it. Otherwise, he might forget what his definition of “normal” should be, along with all the happiness for him it entails.

Spy x Family Ch. 87: Details

Spy x Family Ch. 71.1 special illustration.
One last time for old time’s sake.

Spy x Family Ch. 87 is the latest chapter of the manga by Tatsuya Endo, and after a nearly 4 week-long hiatus to boot. This chapter is also the aftermath of the WISE vs. SSS arc (you can read reviews of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 here). Casey Loe returns as the translator, with Rina Mapa returning as the letterer. Shueisha originally published this manga in Japan under their Jump Comics+ imprint in their magazine Shōnen Jump+. Viz Media is the company publishing this manga in the NA region.

Where to Read

Spy x Family Ch. 87 debuted on September 3, 2023. You can read this chapter for free on Shonen Jump at Viz Media.  Note that this chapter will remain free for two chapter releases after this one. Upon the release of the third chapter, Ch. 87 will go into the Shonen Jump vault. Once there, you’ll need a paid Shonen Jump subscription in order to read it and all previous chapters. That said, it is only $2.99 monthly, so it’s not that big a hit to your wallet.

On a side note: an anime adaptation of Spy x Family premiered on April 9, 2022, and is currently ongoing as of this writing. In fact, season 2 of the anime will premiere sometime in October 2023. You can watch all currently available episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

Warning: spoilers for Spy x Family Ch. 87 below. If you want to read about how Twilight cools back down into Loid and resumes the family comedy hijinks for yourself, then stop here and come back once you’ve let said hijinks heal you back up after all that spy action and drama.

Spy x Family Ch. 87: Plot Summary

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting Nightfall quietly full of "suki".
Even Nightfall needs some time off to be Fiona again.

Spy x Family Ch. 87 doesn’t quite pick up where we last left off in the previous chapter. Instead, the story starts off by showing Nightfall/Fiona Frost recuperating in a hospital bed where she should be. The only thing that’s bothering her is the hospital’s corrupt medical director paying her a visit, and fortunately, a nurse drives him off. However, not all is as it seems.

The “nurse” turns out to be the WISE handler in disguise, and she takes the opportunity to both confirm Fiona’s condition (which is actually less serious than it looks thanks to the mountain tennis training Fiona went through) and to give her a telling off over injuring herself like that. Oh, and the handler also takes the opportunity to give Fiona a well-deserved pat on the head…and to let Fiona know that she knows that Fiona has a crush on Twilight/Loid. Cue some hyper-embarrassed thrashing from Fiona in her hospital bed.

Loid and the Dream Life?

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting the entire Forger family relaxing at a vantage point.
You can tell that this is the life Loid had secretly yearned for.

Meanwhile, back at the Forger home, Yor has managed to make an edible breakfast for everyone while Loid is recuperating himself. If you know what Yor’s normal cooking is like, this is quite the accomplishment. You can already tell by the mountain of debris in the kitchen sink, which includes what looks like a thigh bone and a whole fish…despite the fact that she made pancakes.

Later, as Loid is sleeping/resting off his wounds (with Anya being perfectly in the know why due to her telepathy), Anya gets to show off her new lion plushie she got at the zoo with Becky. Longtime fans who saw Bond’s previous reaction to a new plushie should fear for its safety. Fortunately, Bond seems to have gotten over his jealous streak. Instead, he now tries to out-lion the lion plushie, with hilarious results as he also tries to do impressions of various other animals, including an elephant and a giraffe.

It all ends up with Yor brushing Bond’s fur back to normal. You can tell that he enjoys it by how boneless he is. Anya, seeing all the fun Bond is having, also demands for Yor to “Fsshh me!” The result there is Anya enjoying having shiny and silky hair, with Bond busy showing off how fabulous he is as well. That’s when Scruffy, er, Franky shows up to deliver some stuff to Loid, only for Anya to suggest that they “Fsshh” his hair too. This devolves into a noticeably silly argument between them, and Loid, who just woke up to see what was going on, decides to go back to bed. He clearly doesn’t want to deal with this. With Franky’s hair be successfuly “Fsshhed”? Hopefully, we’ll find that out in the next chapter of Spy x Family.

Spy x Family Ch. 87: The Good

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting the Forger family celebrating Anya getting into Eden Academy.
Seeing the entire Forger family being happy always warms my heart.

If you are a fan of the silly family hijinks the Forger family gets into, then Spy x Family Ch. 87 is the chapter for you. It certainly is for me. While the spy action and drama parts of the story are great, the Forger family hijinks are just as great. And honestly, they’re also just as important to the story. The family comedy parts reminds both Loid and Yor of what they’re fighing for. Getting to have these peaceful moments together as a family reminds them that they’re ultimately fighting to ensure that everyone can have peaceful days like the ones they’re having. Not to mention being wonderfully entertaining for us as the audience.

Spy x Family Ch. 87: The Bad

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting Yor with a nervous smile.
You can just tell on her face that Yor did something wrong.

Honestly, I think the only reason anyone would think Spy x Family Ch. 87 isn’s a good chapter is because they’re just not a fan of slice of life family comedy. Perhaps something darker like Goblin Slayer, Berserk, or Full Metal Panic might be for you? Still, if you do like the dark part of Spy x Family, then all you have to do is wait. Tatsuya Endo will include those into the story at some point. All you have to do is be patient.

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