If you are a die-hard of Mountain Dew like myself, you are going to want to check this out. From BAJA spinoffs to VOO DEW, each year fans can’t wait to see what new and old flavors are heading our way. Well, thanks to Mountain Dew insider Team Supernova it seems we now know what Dew flavors are heading our way. You can check out the potential 2024 Mountain Dew release below.

Mountain Dew 2024 Lineup

Now before I go any further please remember none of this has been officially announced by Mountain Dew, so take what you read with a grain of salt; for it can change at any time. It is being reported by Team Supernova that we will have a few new flavors and the return of some fan favorites for 2024.

Thanks to my very reliable and trusty sources, we now have a full and complete look at the Calendar for flavors that will launch nationally next year! This doesn’t account for any exclusive flavors such as Peach Madness at Wawa.

Source: Team Supernova
Mountain Dew
Photo: Team Supernova

Baja Blast and Baja Blast Zero Sugar

While this isn’t a new flavor it is being reported that Baja Blast and Baja Blast Zero Sugar will now be a permanent release. Now we won’t have to keep going to Taco Bell to get our Baja Blast.

New Mountain Dew Baja Spinoffs

We will be seeing two new Baja spinoffs next year. They will be Baja Laguna Lemonade (Mango Lemonade) and Baja Point Break Punch (Raspberry Pineapple). I am very excited to try these.

Celebrate Your Dew-dom in Red, White, and Blue style

This summer we will see the return of Liberty Brew along with two new flavors. These flavors will be Freedom Frenzy and Star Spangled. As of now, there is no released flavor profile for the new flavors.

Mountain DewVoo-Dew Returns

2024 will bring us our sixth version of the mystery flavor Voo-Dew. This year’s flavor was let out of the bag early but I won’t be an airhead and reveal it here just in case you don’t want to know yet.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

We will see the return of Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel Citrus Cherry in 2024. But wait there’s more. We will also see a new spinoff Midnight Mission that is reported to be a blackberry flavor.

We Dew Want To Hear From You

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Source: Team Supernova