Netflix‘s upcoming nature documentary Life on Our Planet seems like it’s going in an entirely different direction from Apple TV+’s Prehistoric Planet. Yes, even though both nature documentaries have dinosaurs in them, they’re each going for very different tones. Don’t believe me? Then why not check out the new official trailer from Netflix for their upcoming nature documentary, and see the differences for yourself? Assuming that you watched both seasons of Prehistoric Planet, of course.

Netflix’s Life on Our Planet: Details

Netflix is really going for the epicness here.

Netflix is proud to reveal this new official trailer for Life on Our Planet on YouTube. Said trailer shows off plenty of dinosaurs, but there are also other prehistoric creatures too. From Paleozoic mammal-like reptiles to Cenozoic mammals like saber-toothed cats. It confirms that this nature documentary means to span all of prehistoric history, and not just focus on the Mesozoic era.

Not only that, but the entire tone of this official trailer just screams “Epic!”. Netflix is really insisting on an epic tone for the entirety of Life on Our Planet, it seems. There are a few cute moments with baby dinosaurs. However, they are few and far between compared to the epic and grandiose moments. The impacting asteroid at 1:07 is a dead giveaway here. Honestly, this entire trailer makes this upcoming nature documentary feel more like an action film than a documentary. I suppose if Prehistoric Planet didn’t have enough action for you, then this is the nature documentary for you.

As for when we’ll get to see this nature documentary to judge for ourselves? Well, this official trailer does reveal that Life on Our Planet will make its global debut on October 25, 2023. As you can guess, this will be a Netflix exclusive. Thus, you will need a paid subscription to find out if this nature documentary is as good as Prehistoric Planet.

Bonus: Key Arts

That’s right. Netflix has a bunch of key art for Life on Our Planet for us to enjoy today. You can check them out below:

Netflix's Life on Our Planet Sabertooth key art.
Fluffy kitty is fluffy.
Netflix's Life on Our Planet Dino key art.
Alas, no baby sauropods in this trailer.
Netflix's Life on Our Planet Woolly Mammoth key art.
And now back to the fluffy, but for mammoths this time.
Netflix's Life on Our Planet Underwater key art.
And now, no more fluffy.