It seems that American actress Julie Nathanson has been in a lot of roles. From feature-length films to TV series, Nathanson’s voice spans the breadth of media. However, video game roles seems to be where she is having the biggest impact. Starting with voicing numerous characters in EverQuest II, she has reached 100 voice roles in various video games thus far, ranging from various Call of Duty games (voicing Samantha Maxis in every single one of them) to Belle in Disney games to even Horizon Zero Dawn. With that 100th being the voice of new character Briar in League of Legends. Don’t believe me? Then why not check out Briar’s character cinematic trailer below, and hear her out for yourself?

Julie Nathanson as the Voice of Briar: Details

Now that’s what I call unhinged dialogue and animation.

Julie Nathanson is proud to mark her 100th video game voice role with Briar in League of Legends. As you can tell by the Briar cinematic trailer above on YouTube, she’s a bit…nuts. From following her “escape buddy” thinking that he’s leading her to freedom (when in reality he’s trying to get as far as he can away from her) to carving up the prison guards thinking that they’re food items (and probably eating them on the fly to boot), Briar is definitely aiming to be the lovably unhinged type of character. Personally, I do believe League of Legends has succeeded, and it’s thanks in no small part to the voice acting by Nathanson.

Based on that trailer, Julie Nathanson definitely went with an unhinged voice for Briar. And yet, there’s also a weird innocence to that voice. You definitely get the weird feeling that Briar doesn’t quite know what she’s doing. She seems to have just enough self-control to not attack people she considers to be friends (mistakenly or not) though, so that’s adds some interesting complexity to her character. Curious about her now? Then you can download and play League of Legends for free on its official website.

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