The Hollywood Critics Association is a film critic organization in Los Angeles, California that recently found itself in hot water. After members complained about a hostile environment, the organization is restructuring. This restructuring, as well as rebranding, will hopefully address those issues.

The Hollywood Critics Association is changing its name. So, it will now be known as the Hollywood Creative Alliance keeping the HCA acronym. Scott Menzel, the HCA Leader, will stay on as CEO/President. However, he will be joined by a new board vice chair Yong Chavez of ABS-CBN; member engagement head Jeandra LeBeauf of Black Girl Nerds; secretary Morgan Rojas of Cinemacy; and treasurer Louis Valentine, an external CPA who will handle finances as an outside member.


So, the Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) was founded in 2016 as the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society. In late 2019, the group’s president, Scott Menzel also changed the name in an effort to be more inclusive of all types of film reviewers, including bloggers, podcasters, and social media influencers. The HCA now represents a diverse group of film critics from all over the world.

Following a Hollywood Reporter exposé that revealed that the organization had failed to file the proper paperwork with the IRS, Menzel, and Short stated that this issue has also been resolved during a top-to-bottom overhaul. “We went from creating a nonprofit that was registered with the correct attorneys to changing the name,” Short said. So, the decision to remove “Critics” from the name was made.


Menzel, with the guidance of corporate operations strategist Leslie Short of the Cavu Group, restructured the HCA into a 501(c)(6) membership-based nonprofit organization. The organization also created an extensive member handbook that includes rules and membership requirements, a code of conduct, and voting procedures for the HCA Awards. All members will be required to sign and agree to the handbook’s terms.

“I listened to what members were saying and I saw what was online. I spoke with Scott and some of the other folks that were there helping with leadership roles that were very loose. It was a loose organization that was running. I said, ‘this is great, but you’re going nowhere fast.’ There is potential. But we have to really build a foundation of what is this organization. Is it a nonprofit? Is it registered as a nonprofit? What does the name mean? What is the mission [and] vision? How are you speaking to members? How do members feel?

Everything is written down now. Of course, anything can go on paper. We also put in place people who are going to be responsible and accountable for those committees and those divisions. We’re going to keep it tight in the beginning and then gave them room to grow.”

– Leslie Short

Current members will be invited to join the following committees:

  • Membership/Culture
  • In-house Content
  • Events
  • Creative Arts Nominating Committee
  • Film Committee for Shortlists
  • Television Nomination Committee

A new advisory committee will also be formed to recruit industry insiders to help consult with the organization.

Next up for the HCA is the HCA Film Awards, which will take place on Jan. 6, 2024. Then, followed by the postponed HCA TV Awards, which have already been voted on, and will be revealed at an event on Jan. 8, 2024. The HCA Creative Awards will take place on Feb. 26, 2024.

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