Not like we didn’t see this coming. We have an official announcement and street date for Kim and Tommy’s Ninja Ranger Figures.

Mighty Morhpin White Ninja Ranger

When the power of Thunder didn’t work for the rangers anymore, the journey to get new powers was the premise for the first movie and then kinda retconned for the TV show. Either way, this will be the seventh figure for the Legendary Ranger.

Mighty Morphin Pink Ninja Ranger

Kimberly follows alongside the team donning her own ninja ranger suit. What a stunning vibrant shade of pink it is. This one will stand out in your collection for sure! This will be her 4th figure in the collection if we count Cel-Shaded as Kim.

Thoughts from THE GRID

Both figures like the previously announced Black and Blue rangers come with 3 head sculpts. I think Hasbro is trying to balance out the fact that we aren’t getting weapons but want to give collectors that value instead of shorting them.

How are we going to get a Kat Pink Ninja Ranger II figure? Hasbro has smartly made Kat’s figures a bit different so collectors don’t have to deal with duplicates. This figure is going to be a hard one as the only real change is the head sculpt. Everything else could be the exact same thing. No weapon changes, paint effect, or anything to really differentiate the two, good luck with that.

Like I said in my previous article I was hoping they would stick with this same color effect piece and it looks they are! That’s Morphenominal! BUT these 2 figures come with kicking effects! I believe these could be the first figures with kicking effects. As an out-of-box collector, I’m on the fence about this.

I personally tend to not use effect pieces I think they crowd up my display and take away from all the work done on the figures. But the choice to shoehorn collectors that prefer to use the effects into precariously displaying their figures is an odd choice for me.

I will recommend purchasing some NECA brand display stands if you want to have that “hi-ya” high kicking action!

These figures will be TARGET EXCLUSIVES so please make sure to PRE-ORDER! Also, check my previous article for some sage advice from our good friend Scott about Target Preorders.

Overall we knew these were coming so I would have hoped to have gotten additional info on the Red and Yellow Ninja Rangers as well today. But I’ll be happy with knowing a street date of APR 2022. You can get your PRE-ORDERS here:


Are you as excited as we are? Are you going to preorder immediately? Let us know in the comments below!

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