It looks like SIGONO really wants to build up hype for their latest game OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Why else would they release these new still images now?

Definitely looks like it’s going to be another tearjerker.

SIGONO released a pair of new still images for OPUS: Echo of Starsong today on July 16, 2021. These images reveal more about the game’s setting, especially the city the game takes place in: Thousand Peaks. You can see the images for yourself on Steam here.

Unfortunately, that’s all SIGONO has for us today. No news of exactly when they will release OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Only that it will come to Steam sometime in Summer 2021. Considering that it’s currently the middle of July at the time of this writing, it should be coming out this month or the next. Check out this game’s Steam page then.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong ~ Still Image Details

OPUS: Echo of Starsong still image 1.
Yep, definitely looks like an atrium.

The first still image from OPUS: Echo of Starsong depicts the Thousand Peaks Culture Foundation. Frankly, it looks like a museum to me. The accompanying text states:

The Rodin family, founders of the Thousand Peaks Culture Foundation, were the very first to discover lumen in Thousand Peaks. They developed their wealth through the sale of mining rights, and became a famous family of adventurers.

They extended across the whole of Thousand Peaks, with the mission to promote and preserve the Myrian culture. The famous opera “Melody of Starsong” was created for this purpose, and was one of the most popular pieces among Peakers.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong still image 2.
The space version of the Daily Planet looks awfully busy. Especially for the janitors.

The second still image from OPUS: Echo of Starsong depicts one of the offices of the Daily Lumen. As you can see, the typical 24/7 news cycle means that the reporters are always busy. The accompanying text states:

The exciting world of Thousand Peaks must have a place to catch the news.

Despite its unremarkable exterior, the office was wall-to-wall with circulating leads and intel. The shouts of editors and reporters coming and going could be heard in waves. Every runner in Thousand Peaks’ was relying on the information being exchanged here.


SIGONO just released a pair of new still images from OPUS: Echo of Starsong. These new stills reveal a bit more about the game’s setting of Thousand Peaks. Obviously, they want to build up hype for this sci-fi adventure game, which is probably coming out in a month or so, given its Summer 2021 release date.

Source: Steam