The Nintendo Switch might be a console that “switches” between handheld and docked. For me, the handheld option is a nice novelty, but I really like my gaming with the Pro Controller and my TV. Fixture Gaming might have changed the way I play my Switch forever. I don’t have gargantuan hands, but the Joy-Cons are kind of uncomfortable to hold for a long period of time. The D-pad on the Joy-Con controller is also not the best. That’s why the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is really the best option to play. For games like Astral Blade, it’s almost a necessity.

Enter Fixture Gaming’s Fixture S1. It’s a dock/cradle for your Pro Controller and Nintendo Switch. While it might look incredibly simple (because it is, there’s a 3 step process for instructions), it’s a very handy option for Switch players out there. But let’s dive a bit deeper into what makes this a perfect accessory for players either on the go, or at home.

The Good Of Fixture S1

If you’re trying to play on the go, obviously the Switch is made for that. The normal grab and go version of the Switch is very handy on the bus, or the train, or wherever you take it. If you attach your Pro Controller to the Fixture S1 and take it in the case that’s made for it, it’s a little harder than just throwing your Switch into a backpack, but it’s not bulky by any means.

Where it really shines, could be if you’re in a hotel room, and you don’t have the dock with you. Want to play a two-player game or just have the Switch a bit further away than hand’s reach? Great, just use the Fixture S1 like a stand, and play away. The only thing that detracts from this a bit is that the bottom section of the cradle is a bit small. So you have to fiddle with it to get the right balance. It’s not bad enough where it wobbles or anything like that, and it has a nice rubber grip on the bottom.

The build-quality of the S1 is pretty decent. It’s made of hard plastic, that after some serious bend tests on my part, didn’t break or wear down. The part of it where your Switch slides in, is secure and safe. As for the case that is included separately, it’ll offer some protection. It offers some storage for games, the charger, and Joy-Cons, which is an added bonus. I really like the design of the case and of this accessory in general. It’s just clean looking and not frilly.

The Bad Of Fixture S1

The only bad thing that I can think of with this is how the Pro Controller snaps into place. I was a bit worried that I would either break the plastic clips or that the clips would damage my Pro Controller. It takes a bit of pressure to get it fully locked in, and there’s no margin for error, it has to go perfectly to align with the port on the front and back of the controller. Also, playing something with motion controls and your Pro Controller is awkward with this. Shaking your controller around while it’s attached to the Switch cradle doesn’t work at all.

Getting the Switch on and off the cradle is a bit cumbersome. It feels snug and safe, but it’s a bit of a chore to slide it on and off whenever you need to get to your Switch out.

Overall A Great Accessory For Those Who Need Their Pro Controller

The Pro Controller is one of the best that Nintendo has ever made. It’s comfortable, and the Fixture S1 allows for on the go gaming with it. Because of this cradle, I’ve used my Switch way more in handheld mode than ever before. You can grab the Fixture S1 from Fixture Gaming for $34.99. As of writing, the Red/Blue color option is sold out, but in case you want that one, make sure to check back to their website.

The Fixture S1 comes from a gamer, Austin Stark, who designed it with handheld gaming in mind. Overall, it’s one of my favorite new Switch accessories and one that I’ll still be using down the line.

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