K-Pop sensation AleXa is no stranger to the limelight, but her recent venture into voice acting has fans and industry professionals alike buzzing with excitement. In an exclusive interview at San Diego Comic-Con, AleXa opened up about her first voice-acting role as Juggernaut in the upcoming project ‘Ghosts of Ruin.’ Here’s what she had to say about the experience.

Embracing Juggernaut

AleXa Ghosts of Ruin

AleXa’s connection to her character, Juggernaut, is palpable. Describing her as a “loose cannon,” “zany,” and “wild,” AleXa expressed her resonance with the character and her excitement to bring her to life on screen. Though she admits to being less of a gamer than Juggernaut, AleXa’s passion for the role is clear.

First and foremost, Juggernaut. I just resonate with her so much as a character. Granted, I’m a little bit less of a loose cannon than she is, because she’s quite… But she’s just a very fun character. I enjoyed reading all of her lines. She is very zany, very wild out there, but she has her serious moments, especially when it comes to… What does she get? What is the thing? Insert pigeon noises here. I don’t know, she’s just very… She’s a very enjoyable character to read for, and I can only hope she’s even much more enjoyable to see on the screen whenever the project is finally out.

-AleXa, Juggernaut in ‘Ghosts of Ruin’-

Musical Aspects and Gaming

Despite being a K-pop artist, AleXa’s role as Juggernaut doesn’t directly involve music. However, she did share her excitement about meeting the team responsible for the show’s score and hinted at the possibility of contributing music to the show in the future. Her love for games like Resident Evil and her self-proclaimed lack of gaming skills added a humorous touch to the conversation.

“Well, so my job is K-pop artist, but Juggernaut, she is like a pro gamer, of course. I myself suck at games. I love them, and I love playing them. I suck at them. I’m horrible. My hand-eye coordination… What are your favorite games? I love… I mean, I like Resident Evil. You love Resident Evil? Yeah, Love for Death. The original? I didn’t know. The remakes. The remakes? The remakes are also pretty good, too. But musical aspects…

I mean, today I finally got to meet the bleeding fingers, which is the guys doing the score for the freaking show, which is incredible, incredible. And a fan did kindly ask, “Oh, is AleXa gonna have any music on the show?” Which, of course, I had no knowledge of prior, but after having some fun banter, we’ll see what can be done, but no promises. The fan needs to get paid 10%. I totally didn’t pay you to ask that. Thank you. It’s five dollars. Thank you for… That was awesome.”

-AleXa, Juggernaut in ‘Ghosts of Ruin’-

Comic-Con and Connecting with Fans

AleXa Ghosts of Ruin

AleXa’s presence at Comic-Con was not just a professional appearance but a homecoming. A self-confessed fan of anime and comics, she expressed her joy at being part of the event and interacting with fans who share her geeky interests. Her transition from a fan taking pictures to a star being photographed was a highlight of her experience.

“I mean, it’s just really fun for me, because before becoming a K-pop artist, I was a huge anime, comic franchise fan. And so, you know, while I’ve been doing my job in South Korea, coming back here for a giant, the biggest, you know, fan event of the year for, like, America, at least, you know, it just feels like I’m coming back home, you know?

I used to go to local conventions growing up and everything, but actually being here and being the one that people are watching and taking pictures of versus me doing the taker of pictures, I can’t speak English at all. Atrocious, wow. It’s interesting being on the opposite side of the spectrum for the first time in my life at these kind of events, so I’m just, I’m here for the vibes. I’m just very happy to be here.”

-AleXa, Juggernaut in ‘Ghosts of Ruin’-

AleXa Gets High Praise from Industry Veterans

John Bentley and Karen Strassman, two seasoned professionals in the industry, showered AleXa with praise. Bentley likened her to Audrey Hepburn and predicted a blossoming career in voice acting. Strassman echoed his sentiments, expressing confidence in AleXa’s ability to deliver a “badass” performance.

“I’m telling you guys right now, and you can put it on record, you can say, I’ve said this already, this is the one to watch. I’ve met a lot of people through what we do. I look for that. You already know her as a K-pop star, but she’s one of the realest, most humble, most personable people that I’ve ever seen at this age. Do you know what we do? She’s been with me around for a while. Thank you, John and Karen. This might sound strange, but you’ll get it. You’ve kind of got like a POC Audrey Hepburn thing going on.”

-John Bentley, Dr. Brennan in “Ghosts of Ruin”-

Learning from the Best

AleXa’s humility and eagerness to learn were evident as she spoke about her first voice-acting gig. She acknowledged the guidance she received from industry veterans and expressed her anticipation to hear the final product. Her background in music and her natural flair for rhythm and beats were seen as assets in her transition to voice acting.

“Exactly some of the greatest in the industry. Your range is insane. I respect that so much. Again, this is my first gig I’ve done. I’ve done auditions before, but actually nailing a role in action, I just can’t wait to hear the episodes. Seeing it’s one thing, obviously, but as the voice actor, I can’t wait to hear the episodes. And the scores. Yes, the scores play the fingers. I’m a rookie in all of this, so I’m just very honored to be in this position.

-AleXa, Juggernaut in ‘Ghosts of Ruin’-

A Future in Voice Acting

AleXa’s enthusiasm for voice acting is not a fleeting interest. She revealed her past amateur work on platforms like Fiverr and her desire to explore voice acting further in the U.S. and South Korea. Her colleagues even teased her about her potential on-camera appearances, reflecting their belief in her versatility and talent.

“Absolutely, because if I’m going to be completely honest, bare bones here, when I was in high school, I used to seek out open voice acting auditions on YouTube. No kidding. And so I had done a little bit of amateur work, and we all know the website, Fiverr, right? I did some amateur stuff on Fiverr back in the day, too. Yeah, so voice acting has always been something I wanted to dabble into, because I love acting and theatrical things in general, just self-expression through the arts. But yeah, voice acting is just very fun for me.”

-AleXa, Juggernaut in ‘Ghosts of Ruin’-

AleXa’s debut in voice acting as Juggernaut in ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ is a significant milestone in her already impressive career. Her passion for the character, her connection with fans, and her willingness to learn and grow have set the stage for what promises to be an exciting new chapter. With high praise from industry experts and a genuine love for the craft, AleXa is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of voice acting. Her fans and fellow artists eagerly await the release of ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ to witness the magic she brings to the character of Juggernaut.

Ghosts of Ruin

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