n a recent interview, Katie Stippec and Michael Ramey, the executive producers of the upcoming animated series Ghosts of Ruin, shared insights into the creation, collaboration, and community involvement that shaped this ambitious project.

The Genesis of Ghosts of Ruin

Ghosts of Ruin

The idea for Ghosts of Ruin began with PJ Accetturo and Ryan Ramsey, who initially envisioned it as a live-action feature film. The concept was born at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the world was in a state of uncertainty. Katie and Michael saw potential in the idea and encouraged PJ to refine it. His tenacity and creativity led to a partnership with Gala Games, who backed the project 100%.

“Yeah, around that time. So everyone was down, right? Which kind of enabled us to take a phone call. We said, all right, that’s an interesting idea. Go change a lot of it. And then he did. PJ came back with incredible work. His tenacity is such that it made it easy for us to get involved. In this industry, if you don’t have that tenacity, you’re not going to get far. So we had it, and then the magic of PJ kicked in. He found himself in a room with Gala Games, and they backed us 100%. Now we did Hall H at Comic-Con.”

-Katie Stippec, ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ Executive Producer-

The Power of Collaboration

Michael Ramey emphasized that their superpower lies in surrounding themselves with talented individuals and giving them the freedom to create. The involvement of industry legend Michael Ryan opened doors, leading to the casting of stars like Tony Ravalori, Rosario Dawson, and Natalie Emanuel.

“The reason we can do this is because of Gala for sure, but also because of the team we put around us. Our superpower is to bring people in who are smarter than us, give them a set of parameters, and then get out of their way. Michael Ryan is incredible. He’s a legend. And when he said yes, doors started to open. And Kast, Tony Ravalori, Rosario Dawson, and Natalie Emanuel literally on the panel. They do stuff better than we do. We just kind of make sure we’re supporting them. Same way Gala’s supporting us. And we pinch ourselves every day that we get to work on this awesome project.”

-Michael Ramey, ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ Executive Producer

Katie and Michael’s complementary skills, with Michael’s big-picture thinking and Katie’s attention to detail, allowed them to tackle the project from every angle.

Community Involvement and Innovation

One of the unique aspects of Ghosts of Ruin is the producers’ commitment to community involvement. They have actively engaged with their audience, seeking feedback and incorporating it into the show’s development. This approach has fostered a sense of investment and ownership among fans.

Michael: Our years of experience taught us to surround yourself with people who are better than you and get out of the way. We wanted to kind of put some kind of footprint on it. What does that mean? It means how do we really incorporate this thing called a community? How do we do stuff that I’ve not seen before? How do we do stuff that’s really, really cool?

Katie: Our community’s been great, too, though, because we’re able to test things. Like, do you like this? Do you like that? Would you like more of this? Do you want more of that? And like, incorporating them in the incorporation, which has been really cool.”

-Katie Stippec & Michael Ramey, ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ Executive Producers-

Michael hinted at even more community involvement in future seasons, while Katie expressed excitement about the innovative paths they are exploring.

The Transition from Live Action to Animation

When asked about the shift from live-action to animation, Katie praised the animation community’s creativity and down-to-earth nature. Michael reiterated the importance of trusting the team and setting clear parameters.

Katie: The animation community is the nicest, most creative, most lovely community. We were in Cannes in France for the Animation Festival, and everyone there is just so cool and so down to earth.

Michael: Yeah, and again, back to basics. Bring people on who you trust, who have been there before, set your parameters and get out of their way. That’s literally a key to success.

Katie: We’re a good pair because he’s very big picture, big brain, and I’m very detail-oriented so we can tackle things from every angle.”

-Katie Stippec & Michael Ramey, ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ Executive Producers-

Balancing Community Input and Creative Control

The producers expressed confidence in their approach to community involvement, emphasizing that they are in control of the options presented to the audience. They believe that the community’s investment in the show means they won’t sabotage it but rather contribute positively to its creation.

“We have some really interesting things. It’s not even like holding it back, it’s like you can’t hold it back. You have to go there, and then you have to keep going there.”

-Katie Stippec, ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ Executive Producer-

How to Join the Ghosts of Ruin Experience

For new fans looking to become part of the Ghosts of Ruin experience, Katie recommended joining the Discord community, where the creators actively engage with fans.

Michael: When it comes to animation, we were fortunate enough to be put in a position where someone said, can you do this? And we said, sure, let’s try. So, as not animation people, we came in going, I have to make something that I’m going to want to watch. Start there, right?

Katie: But I think to further answer the question, we’re going to continue to do this with all of the episodes. The show’s really, really cool to start. Come into the discord, that’s the first way to start because we’re talking to people in there, and that’s been a lot of fun.”

-Katie Stippec & Michael Ramey, ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ Executive Producers-

Ghosts of Ruin is shaping up to be a groundbreaking series, not just for its intriguing premise set in a near-future tech dystopia but also for its collaborative approach to creation. The producers’ willingness to take risks, their focus on community engagement, and their commitment to delivering a product they themselves would want to watch sets the stage for a show that promises to be as engaging as it is innovative.

With a blend of talent, innovation, and community collaboration, Ghosts of Ruin is poised to be a standout addition to the world of animated storytelling. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to a series that pushes boundaries and offers a fresh take on the gaming culture and the human psyche’s complexities.

Ghosts of Ruin

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