Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy world is getting new (eternal?) life at Peacock. The popular supernatural books have been adapted to a new TV series, debuting September 15. We sat down with the show’s leads, Sisi Stringer (Rose Hathaway) and Daniela Nieves (Lissa Dragomir) to learn more about bringing Vampire Academy to life.

Stringer kicked things off, declaring herself a Vampire Academy fan from the beginning.

“I read the books and I loved it so much!” she said. “Strong characters, a female-driven plot… it’s kind of a world we haven’t seen before, in terms of different kinds of vampires and a class structure and stuff like that.”

Vampire Academy features three different kinds of vampires: the Moroi, magic-wielding mortal vampires divided into royal and non-royal classes; the Dhampir, half human, half vamps with increased strength and agility, who serve as guardians to the Moroi; and finally, the Strigoi, immortal, undead vampires with an unquenchable thirst for blood.

If the world of Vampire Academy is new to you, you’re not alone. Nieves first learned about the series during the casting process.

“I hadn’t heard about the books at all!” Nieves said.

“I don’t understand that,” joked Stringer, pointing out the books debuted during the height of the Twilight-driven vampire craze.

Still, Nieves said once she learned about the series, she wanted to check it out. “I finished the first book in like two days,” Nieves said.

(L to R) Daniela Nieves as Lissa and Sisi Stringer as Rose in Vampire Academy

Beyond its unique variations of vampires, Vampire Academy gained a following due to its many different relationship dynamics. From Rose and Lissa’s friendship, to romances and rivalries – what on-screen dynamic did Stringer and Nieves enjoy the most?

“Rose’s relationship with Dimitri is a huge part of the books. I just remember reading it and I was like, scandalized, because here’s this beautiful, slow-burn love story that’s just a little bit enemies to lovers,” said Stringer. “So when stuff finally happens between them, the payoff is there.”

“I really like Mikhail and Sonya,” Nieves said. “They’re really, really cute!”

Learn more about how Stringer and Nieves brought Rose and Lissa to life in our full interview below.

Vampire Academy premieres September 15 on Peacock.

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