This is a first for Fright-A-Thon, we’ve written about movies, video games, books, comics, and other forms of media, but never masks. Now, we’re taking a look at Immortal Masks for today’s entry, and, hot damn, they’re frightening. Immortal Masks hail from Southern California, but they ship around the world. Here’s how Immortal Masks describes themselves:

Immortal Masks is the leader in Silicone Masks and Custom Creatures created by REAL Hollywood FX Artists! Our Hyper Realistic Silicone Masks are created with our amazing FLEX FUSION SYSTEM to ensure the most durable silicone masks in the industry.

From Silicone Masks, Custom Props, Full Character Creations, Creature Suits, Full Hair Punching or a completely Custom Project, Immortal is your only choice for quality & professional products!

Immortal Masks make the highest quality masks that have been used for Netflix, Halloween Horror Nights, and seen at Horror Conventions across the United States. They were established in November 2010 by Andrew and Michelle Freeman and George Frangadakis. Andrew has worked as a Hollywood Effects Artist and George has been an Effects Supervisor. They continually push the boundaries of what it means to make silicone masks at a competitive price point. So just what do these masks look like?

Some Examples Of Immortal’s Work

Depending on what you need, you can get full suits, or just face masks from Immortal. They range in price for something like the Skaar Immortal Face above for $275.00 all the way up to a full suit like the Muscle Body Suit pictured below.

No matter what you’re trying to do, what situation your project needs, they probably have a mask or effect for it. So if you’re in need of an insane-looking cat/human hybrid mask for that Halloween party, this is the place to go. And yes, you can see that one below.

The Process For The Masks

I know, most of you are imagining those foul-smelling rubber masks (that we all love secretly), but aren’t really made to last. Immortal has a new technology that makes the masks the softest and strongest on the market. Their Flex Fusion System combines soft silicone not normally used on masks like this with strong flexible composite webbing.

With over 30 years in Hollywood working on productions between them, Immortal takes some of that care and detail that goes into masks and effects made for movies and brings it to you. These all combine for improved comfort, fit, flexibility, and durability. They allow for thinner areas on the mask which allows for greater expression and a decrease in heat buildup where it counts.

As for their masks and putting them on, normally that would require some sort of powder or or a foreign aid to get it on. WIth these masks, you just need to get them on, and that’s it.

Finally, they do custom work, that’ll cost more than the masks and other items they sell on their website, but judging by the quality and feel of their premade stuff, just as much love and care will go into your custom job.

You can check out all of this and more from Immortal Masks at their website here!

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