It’s finally coming: we’re finally going to get a successor to the very successful Nintendo Switch console. It seems that Nintendo has finally decided that said Nintendo Switch has grown a bit long in the tooth. It may take a while for us to get that successor based on the available info, as you can see in the title. However, at least we now know that it’s going to arrive. Curious? Well, then, let’s find out more about this successor, shall we?

Nintendo Switch Successor: Details

Nintendo Switch neon blue and red model.
Time to say goodbye to you, Nintendo Switch. It’s been a good run.

Video Games Chronicle (VGC) has just come out with a very interesting report. According to them, Nintendo has set the release date for the next-generation successor to their hit Nintendo Switch console. Or rather, release window, since all Nintendo has revealed is that this Nintendo Switch successor has a debut window sometime in the latter half of 2024. It could mean anywhere from July to December of that year, so it’s at least a year away as of this writing. Thus, plan to still enjoy your Nintendo Switch for a while longer.

So why that particular release window, you might ask? Well, Nintendo revealed to VGC that they really didn’t want to experience the same supply problems that plagued the initial releases of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. Thus, that release schedule is to ensure that there are “ample stocks” of this successor on the day of release.

As for what’s in this successor? A pair of Nintendo sources have also revealed to VGC that this successor will launch with an LCD screen (in contrast to the more expensive OLED screens) in order to keep the costs down, although they don’t specify the successor’s exact retail price just yet. This successor will also accept physical cartridges too, just like its predecessor. Alas, though, Nintendo doesn’t specify if this successor is backward compatible with Nintendo Switch games. The fact that it accepts physical cartridges seems to suggest backward compatibility, but’s not certain. Tune back into THS later to find out more about this Nintendo Switch successor when we hear more about it.

Source: VGC