You know how Scarlett Johansson a while back had a bit of a payment issue with Disney that resulted in her being temporarily cut from the cast of Disney’s upcoming film adaptation of Tower of Terror? Well, even now that she was part of the cast again, the film actually still had a problem. It still didn’t have a director for it for some bizarre reason. Thankfully, that has just now changed and we now have our director for Disney’s ride-based film. What’s more, this guy is pretty famous for being hilariously weird. In case you haven’t read the title of this article: I’m talking about Taika Waititi.

Taika of Terror Now?

Variety has just revealed a very interesting in-depth interview with Scarlett Johansson. What does that have anything to do with Taika Waititi, you might ask? Well, when you scroll down a bit from the beginning of the interview, you’ll reach a paragraph where they talk about Johansson’s current relationship with Disney. In particular, their current lack of enmity with her lawsuit against them, with the article explicitly saying that “any bad blood between Disney and Johansson has dissipated” in a rather miraculous occasion.

That one paragraph mentions that Scarlett Johansson is still currently part of Disney’s upcoming film adaptation of their Tower of Terror ride. In that sentence, there is a very quick blurb at the end that mentions that Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit, Free Guy) is directing that film. That’s it. That’s the only thing they mention about this upcoming film in terms of production staff. Just that Waititi will be directing it, and nothing more.

The Variety article goes on to mention later about how Scarlett Johansson once worked with Taika Waititi in his film Jojo Rabbit. However, that’s the end of any related news about this Variety article. Tune back in to THS later to find out more about the Tower of Terror film when we do.

Source: Variety