Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider says that the band will reunite for a number of special performances in 2024. It’s only been about two months since TS reunited onstage at the Metal Hall Of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles, California. In a new interview with Yahoo! Dee Snider says that the band will reunite again in 2024 for some special performances “at different political rallies that need out support.”

Here’s what Dee had to say.

“We were all in favor of going down to support Beto [O’Rourke], but we couldn’t schedule it. You know, the band has a concern that the [classic TWISTED SISTER] song [‘We’re Not Gonna Take It‘] is being co-opted by the extreme right… and we want to make sure that people still know it’s a song for everybody and it does not represent that selfish micro group. It is really for the mass people, the moderate people, the people that just want to live their lives, be themselves, and not have people tell ’em they can’t be themselves. So, I think you’ll see us at political rallies and stuff like that. We’ll be out there next year.”

Snider recently made news blasting KISS and Motley Crue for reuniting just for the money. It sounds like these shows won’t be a full-on tour, but select performances to support causes and people Twisted Sister support.

For their Metal Hall Of Fame performance, the band blasted through “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Under The Blade”, and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. That last song has recently been co-opted by right-wing groups and personalities to support their causes, and Snider and the band definitely want to put an end to that.

He also had this to say about the drag queen bans that states like Texas have been trying to put into place.

My band would not be allowed to perform in Texas. We would fall under that heading, the new rule, if they pass these rules — men wearing lipstick, nail polish and makeup. So, do I stand with the [LGBTQ+/drag] community? 100%. I heard the community has reached out about using “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as their battle cry, and I said, “With my blessing, brothers and sisters! Go for it!” I stand with them. Look…. I was not gay, I was heterosexual, and I still had a lot of issues with a lot of people because I wore the things I wore in the ‘70s and even into the ‘80s.

So, I’ve been on the receiving end. I get what they go through. I remember it so many times, how people would say, “You f***ing f***!” And I’m like, “OK, I’m just dressing up. You got a problem with that?” … I had a lot of fights with people who didn’t like the way I expressed myself. So, I’m very in favor of free expression on every level. And I will stand with the community, if they ask me to stand with them. I am with them.

So, what do you think of Dee Snider’s comments?

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Source: Yahoo

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