After their “Bogus Journey” and before they “Face the Music”, Bill & Ted had another story that had to be told. Thankfully Dark Horse is giving us that most excellent story in comic form, and thanks to my phone booth time machine I was able to travel to September 9th to read book one of the Bill & Ted are Doomed comic series. Here is my bodacious non-spoiler review.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1

Writer Evan Dorkin was most triumphant in giving us the Bill & Ted feel throughout the comic. This story takes place a few years after “Bogus Journey” and will lead up to “Face the Music.” While the rock star heroes are still trying to write the song that will unite the world, we are reunited with some familiar characters throughout their song writing journey. Even with the help of their friends and family the future is not looking good for the Wyld Stallyns!

Bill & Ted

Artist and Colorist, Roger Langridge did an amazing job. The art throughout the comic was colorful and fun. He also did great on making the characters recognizable and movie accurate. All of this made the story most excellent and fun to follow.

I have no complaints about Bill & Ted are Doomed #1. It definitely made me even more excited for “Face the Music” and the next comic that releases on October 14th. This comic is a must read for any Bill & Ted fan, so make sure to go to your local comic shop on September 9th and grab a copy. Also please remember the words of Bill & Ted… “Be Excellent To Each Other.”

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